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Question about time between throws
One thing I have noticed is I play a lot better the faster the time between throws. By this I mean if I am either playing by myself or playing just one other person. But in league play there is a lot of time between throws (4 players for Cricket), or I am waiting for my turn to play.

I seem to play a lot better when there is less time between games or throws. I guess that makes some sense...but I was wondering if there was a good way to work through that issue.

I also have nerve issues during league games and tend to play a lot better when not playing league. Not sure if that's because of the issue I discussed above or just because I am more relaxed.

My point is during league play I tend to get 2 marks per round in cricket...but outside of league I'm more around 3 marks per round. Sometimes peaking at close to 4 marks per round. I think it's a combination of nerves and slower play. This makes me wonder if I should practice slower?
Everything you need (i.e. playing fundamentals) to know and learn is in flight school. Patience is the key.
You could practice against footage of other darts players, have your throw when they finish theirs
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Practice with people more. You'll get used to the slower play. Play on wda, that also helps with the pace and the nerves. When you are solo, pull your darts, walk past the oche, give it a second or two, then throw again. The only time I do 'rapid fire' practice is when warming up. I simply throw toward 20s to loosen my arm.

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If I'm practicing alone I'll just throw dart after dart until my arm feels up to the task. Then I'll toss 3 like I'm playing and just really take my time getting back to the line to throw again as if I'm playing against someone. I'll take even longer when trying to simulate a game with 4 players.

Instead of getting a bit anxious or frustrated between throws when playing with a group, try to just concentrate on what you want to do when you get back to the line. In 01 it is much easier since it is just you against the board. The only time that changes a bit is when your team is on an out and maybe some input by you is called for. Now with Cricket, you do have to pay attention to what your partner and opponents are throwing to adjust your strategy accordingly as that game changes so quickly..
Try and busy yourself between throws rather than turn straight around and queue up...I.e. walk over and take a drink etc..it's not much but it stops the feeling of standing waiting.
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Had a really good practice session this afternoon. Alone, with the music playing, NFL on silent on the HDTV, a nice bottle of rum and all the set-ups to make it interesting, and the wife out the house for peace and quiet for a couple hours. No pressure, just consistent tossing of the arrows to the board with good results.

Got the finals of our league playoffs this coming Tuesday and looking forward to doing some damage to the opposing team. Just hope I bring the same form I held for a couple hours today.
Slow games are difficult. And playing pairs can seem challenging. And then there are ultra fast players that almost got their darts in the board while you're pulling yours out.

The most important thing is to keep your own rhythm. Don't get sucked in with the fast players. Don't try to make up time when playing slow players, don't play slower just to make them wait as well. When playing pairs, you don't have to be fully concentrated the whole waiting time. "Mind energy" is limited. Stay relaxed, but focused, and get full concentration when approaching the oche.

And stop looking what the other player is doing, playing, aiming at, calculating, cheering for them etc. It's the wrong thing to do to kill that time.

I hear a lot of people have this issue. It's hard for some to "get into a rhythm" when after your throw, you have to wait for 7 others to take their turn before returning to the oche. This is the case in my Thursday night 'money league'. The first game is 801 SIDO "Family" (team vs team - 4 persons each.)
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It helps me to have a song playing in my head. Gives me a rhythm inside and shuts out the distractions (including the long waits between rounds), if that makes any sense.
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