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Equivalent Cosmo stem length
I'm currently using extra long nylon stems with standard L style flights and once the flights are ruined I will probably switch to Cosmo stuff as I used to use there slim flights on spinning shafts so want to know if the number eight length Cosmo shafts is the equivalent of the extra long stems or are they shorter or longer.

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Regulatori--- “Length without threads” means the visible length of the installed shaft that runs from where the shaft meets the barrel to the end of the shaft. Correct?

I think this is a more common form of measurement because more companies are producing stems with deeper threads. I have a mix of Designa, Laro, Pure Darts nylon, Target Pro Grips, etc.. and all of them have varying thread depths. Some stop right after the threads while other have another 1-2mm button past the threads. For example, Target Pro Grips stop right after the threads.

Measuring it without the threads just eliminates that variable.

Every stem is slightly different though and that kind of gives you a rough guide. is some Target Pro Grips...

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Another thing, some stems are measured even differently.

Like if you see a Laro/LStyle Japanese stems labeled as "270" or "330"....that's referring to the barrel end of the stem (minus the threads) measured up to where the flight edge would be fully seated. Like if you slid a stem ring all the way down to where the base of the cut start (for the flights to slide in/stopping point), that's the length they measure. Hence the "270" = 27mm and "330" = 33mm

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I use an intermediate Target nylon stem. The equivalent to those is a #3 Cosmo stem. They are listed as 23 or 24mm.

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