Throughout my youth I worked in a darts mad pub and loved to play the game. I only joined a team 4 years ago and was an instant hit, arguably one of our best players and I was never dropped once for the whole season, I got a doubles and singles every week. I had an unusual throw with a bit of a flick to it but it felt natural and worked!! Then of course I tried to improve, I'd change darts, change throw you name it to the point where nothing feels natural anymore. One week im trying and failing to replicate my original throw the next im trying to be very mechanical if you get me, I'm getting dropped most weeks and when I play I could throw the darts three different ways in a single leg. I can't keep them from going high out of board at least one a throw it has gone beyond ridiculous I barely even enjoy it anymore. I struggle with gripping the dart, it always feels slippy or something.. I need help lol.. Any ideas?
welcome leisuresuit13 ... you sound like me years ago so I know how you feel... sadly this game can almost knock you mental. I went through years of torture myself and can relate to everything you say.
you just have to keep trying maybe give up playing in public for a few months. get practise in your own home might take a while but keep at it. at least if you hit the outer board or in my case miss the dam thing they aint no one to see it and no snyde remarks...
keep at it mate don't give up these demons can be beat ... practise and patience ... good luck...
Welcome aboard . Settle down mate and take a season off to do some solitary relaxed practice.
This was the case for me years ago and to be honest I ended up leaving the darts alone for a good few years, I gradually started throwing again with darts 10g heavier but was picking up some strange habits such as having the darts slip out of my had a hit the mat. I think I'm close to getting out of my slump but I have been through many sets of darts to get me there.

Just knock the teams on the head as you will end up hating playing, get one or two of your pals and meet up one lunch time each week have a couple of beers and try some variation with the darts.

I currently use deller 23g stone target darts but I have my eye on some 24g Unicorn Gary Anderson Phase 2 Maestro Premier Darts.

But mainly just chill and practice until your ready and remember your not alone as there is loads of us out there who should be in the PDC top 16.
Yep it sounds a lot like me too, I had a strange throw that was more of a wristy flick but I had pains in my wrist which prompted me to try and find another method, its been a struggle really and I must have spent the last 2 to 3 years trying various things and never settling on one, I think I am getting close now but I can only suggest that you try something and then do your best to stick with it as long as you can until it becomes ingrained. Good Luck! Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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Many of us have similar stories Mate.

As listed here ... Find some time for solitary practice ... be patient and kind to yourself with your self talk ... TRUST yourself and have FAITH that you will find your way ... remember what you originally loved about the game and rebuild your love affair with it ... forget how good you were before and go back to the simple games and practices to regain form and of course confidence.

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Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

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I had similar issues and quit playing for a few years, frustrated with my throw. I picked the darts up and still couldn't throw but stuck with it and now.............I still can't throw. But, I'm improving all the time. It's all about the mental part of the game and it sounds like you've just got into a slump but no problem with it you'll get it back.
Oh and welcome to the forum

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