Should you clean vintage darts?
I have a few sets of vintage darts. My most recent one here these I haven't even been able to identify. But my question is is it okay to clean them thoroughly? Not just these but any old dart. These may be nothing and worth little, but what if it was a rare old set? Does taking off the natural "patina" take away from them. For example I have had firearms restored and depending on how it is done can really harm the value of them. Should I keep them like this?

I think the simple answer is to keep them like this if I plan on selling them as vintage darts one day and to clean them if I really want to play with them. Any opinions would be good to hear.
I can't see any reason why not to clean them up - I use brasso or plonk them in the ultrasonic cleaner when I get a set of old darts if they look like they could do with a clean
Its all down to personal choice I think. I have cleaned some sets and some I have no desire to clean, I wont clean copper Tungsten darts and most of the vintage brass darts are left as is but I have cleaned a few vintage tungsten darts.
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Why not ?
may all the doubles be with you

If they're copper tungsten or brass, please no! Stripping the age off of those is like putting a beautifully seasoned cast iron skillet in the dishwasher.
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If pawn stars has taught me anything and if you're wanting them to retain their value than I say, dont you dare touch them.
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For my own use I cleaned the brass darts I started off with and was very surprised how nice they looked. I have to agree that resale requires the patina to show it all .
Better leave them untouched as things might get messy when cleaned. I also am a fan of Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn (History Channel) same as Nathan.
The ones you show in your link are disgusting ! Who knows what kind of crap are on the barrels ! I say wash them, you ain't gonna make $1 million bucks from an old set of darts !...J.D.

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