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I've been thinking about sharing this for quite some time but I never had a good example to go with it. Now I do Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

A huge part of the way I play cricket is to get rid of the bullseye's as early as I can. If I ever start a game of STEEL TIP cricket with a treble 20 I will most likely go bullseye's with darts 2 and 3. My goal is to get rid of them quick and try to make the other player think a little bit. It's not often when you see a player take the bulls out of the game quick and it sometimes surprises the opponent and throws them off their game.

The main reason I do it though is because I feel bullseye's can sometimes be extremely difficult to hit when ya REALLY need them. Like at the end of a cricket match and you need a bunch. Sometimes a 1st dart miss can block everything. Or, feeling the pressure of a much needed shot on the bulls it's just easy to swing with all 3 darts. Seen it a bunch of times with top level players. It happens no matter how good you are.

So next time you find yourself playing cricket ( :s ) don't be afraid to take a swing at bull's with you 3rd dart. Ya might get lucky and find the middle. Even a single mark on the bull makes a huge difference as the game nears the end.

But here's an example of why I personally go for bulls and close them early. Darin, playing in the finals just threw a 15 dart 701 leg just prior to this leg, and hit 4 hat tricks in a row!! That's 12 consecutive bulls. But in this cricket leg that he was well behind, he stepped to the board and completely missed! Pressure plays tricks on your darts. Nobody is immune to pressure and stray darts.

Here, have a look....

EDIT... just had another look. He wasn't as far behind as I though. 4 marks on the bull would of given him the lead. But look how far he missed by. Miles considering he just hit 12 in a row.
This is a crazy strategy. If I'm 50+ points ahead I don't know if I have the guts to go for it that early, maybe with one dart. And you are right I would have to stop and think if someone against me closed em out early, definitely puts the pressure on to point.
Regarding the "Make the other player think" part, when someone (usually a noob) hits one inadvertently early in the game, it can really turn everything upside down.
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good stuff CY
I don't go for one right after closing the 20 but I do throw at it here and there on the way down. You are right it's best to have it closed before the end. Good post Cy
I dont know if im good enough or gutsy enough to do it that early, but where i do find myself with an "extra" third dart here and there, i do take a shot at the bull.
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The link has been taken down
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(11-05-2014, 10:04 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: The link has been taken down

Hmm. That was a Dartslive video. They're very weird about the stuff they post. It was only up for a short time. I posted a very short segment of one of their videos on my Youtube channel and they filed a claim against me and threatened to sue. :s

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