01 players, try this for a practice routine
This is for the double in type "01" games and tonight I put in an hour of solitary practice. One being 100 darts at 20 that I posted to the group and the other was an "01" double in routine I like to do from time to time.

It goes like this. You get to toss 10 turns at the board, you mark your score for each turn. If your first dart is D-16 followed by 2 Single 20's, then you have 72 for that turn. If on your second throw you hit no doubles, naturally you have a 0 score. Do this for 10 turns at the board and average your percentages for getting in with 3 darts and your average score over the 10 attempt period.

Tonight in one attempt I averaged 80% getting in, but only averaged 30.4 points per turn, meaning I got in 8 out of 10 times in 3 darts and my total score was 304 points. Second attempt, I averaged only 60% getting in, but upped the average to 50.6 points per turn by scoring higher when I did get in.

Now, to get ready for the 100 darts at Bull for the next phase of practice. I already change boards twice a year from all the Cricket I play. Think I'll just nail a wine cork to the wall and shoot for that to save my boards a bit.
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Oh man that seems like a lot of math, but I like it. I really like the cork idea!

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