Which dart weight to choose? Heavy or light?
What I've experienced matches what I've "heard tell".

- My 9 yr old daughter started playing last year, she couldn't reach the board with my 22's.
- Bought her a set of 28's, reached the board no problem, even too high at times.

She's now down to 24's and plays pretty good with those. Most of the kids in the youth leagues around here experience the same thing.

Basically the heavier dart requires less inertia to reach the board, which makes it "easier" to throw. They have less tendency to "float" and are more forgiving in terms of a poor release.

Build a paper airplane and throw it, now build another and put a paper clip or two on the nose and wingtips. With the same force it'll fly further and have more stability. The same goes for something as light as a dart.

Most people experience better accuracy with lighter stuff because when you throw hard, or I guess harder, it's easier to replicate than a softer, "lob" type of toss. It's similar to a race car driver being able to take a corner at full throttle vs a corner that they need to brake or let off for, the "wide open" corner will always be more consistent than the slower corner because slowing to make the turn has more variables to control than just keeping your foot to the floor.

Obviously we don't think about all that when throwing a heavier or lighter dart, it just happens.

For me, I know I'm more accurate with the lighter darts, but I just can't throw them for as long because the arm speed I need to do so aggravates an old injury of mine. The heavier ones don't

I've settled on 23's personally, and I think it's important that people searching for that right weight need to keep in mind that the weight and setup need to match your "natural flow" and stuff, otherwise you'll be doing more thinking and not enough throwing.

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(05-23-2014, 10:05 PM)The DArtist Wrote: This is from https://www.dartbase.com/faqweight.htm
If you can't figure out which set is suitable then probably none of the two sets is exactly right for you. The perfect situation would be you have one set of darts you feel completely comfortable with. As you play 28gr darts which is definitely on the very heavy side I'm thinking of you as a not-so experienced player. Usually experienced players don't throw heavier than 24gr. (e.g. Mike Gregory plays 24 and he is the *heaviest* amongst the pros as far as I know). There are some diffculties with the very heavy darts to get much better 'cause they don't react that sensible and throwers don't get enough *feedback* from the dart on how it *wants* to be thrown right. Heavy darts are okay for beginners and not so experienced players to develop a decent throwing technique, but once you upgrade to an average or expert player you might want a dart that reacts more sensible to your *work*.

The above actually resonates with me. I started at 24gr, moved down to 22gr, had control issues with them, then played for some months with 26 gr.

When i say "played", i actually mean practiced. So i developed a decent technique, and wanted to try it in matches. Played almost 70 legs per day for a week with my 26 gr and felt my hand heavy as lead each day after.

To remedy this i moved down to 24 gr for 3 months,and noticed that the developed technique stayed with me. Kept practicing, moved down to 22 gr now.

It 's all a journey really. Dont be afraid to try stuff, different weights. But keep one thing constant at all times. Practice.
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*Just a reminder to those experimenting with light or heavy darts. Don't use the same size flights on all your setups. An 18 gram dart doesn't need the same size flight as a 26 gram dart or vice versa. If you go up or down in weight several grams make sure you're trying out different flights as well. It's HUGELY important for best results.
I've been shooting 18g darts with both standard and slim flights on a medium length shaft and never noticed much difference, however, last week I went from the medium to a short shaft with a slim flight and good tight groupings increased significantly.
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(03-19-2016, 06:34 PM)Cyanide Wrote: *Just a reminder to those experimenting with light or heavy darts. Don't use the same size flights on all your setups. An 18 gram dart doesn't need the same size flight as a 26 gram dart or vice versa. If you go up or down in weight several grams make sure you're trying out different flights as well. It's HUGELY important for best results.

That's where I'm going wrong then I've thrown 21g-26g Darts and nearly always use harrow flights which are a smaller standard size. Interesting.
I have thrown phase 5 26g for a good few years and apart from buying darts on various weights (collection)I have stuck with them and before that 25/26g. 
As I have said on early post I bought power9fives 22g meant to order 26g but since getting them I have been throwing as good as I ever have to the point ,I am keeping them and they are now my go to dart
For whatever reason I feel comfortable with them I love the grip thumb and finger sits in scoup part at rear of dart really nice I have always gripped at rear .
My throw feels about the same I don't feel I have to throw harder and I have noticed my darts don't go in to board quite as deep
I am hitting more concistantly around the treble doubles are about same 
But to sum up never thought I would end up throwing 4gram lighter but I'm staying with them now
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I prefer a 25g or gram either way. I remember reading a couple articles about some pros throw the light dart with 90% tungsten or more due to the smaller size of the dart. This is for obvious reasons that you have more space in trebles etc.
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My experiences with this are as follows.

Contrary to popular belief I can throw heavier darts. I get that heavier darts require less thrust as the weight compensates for the lack of speed. So I don't need to throw a 25g Phase 5 Black as hard as my 21g Datadart Mervyn King darts or my 14g Hankeys.

However, I can't throw well with anything heavy for extended periods of time as my arm begins to ache. It may be me throwing too hard but I don't want to jeopardise my practice through changing my throw when I'm just starting to find one I can stick to.

This is why I throw 14 grams and below - yes my arm needs to move quicker to get the same momentum, which can make me inconsistent, but I've not seen much better consistency with heavier darts. That, and I can throw for longer without my arm aching. And in longer format games this would be crucial.
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For me at the moment I prefer 24/25 gram darts the most. I am using some 24 gram phase 1 purist and I love the darts.
Heavier darts seem to respond to more arm motion and less wrist flip (A loopy throw). Lighter ones need more push and more wrist to get there for me. Both techniques are valid so go with what works. I've had good luck with 26g it does seem to train your arm to be smooth with no pushing. I threw 24g front weighted ones for years because the Power used similar darts but I somehow never could do as well as he. Lately I'm using 20g skinny guys which require a little more umph to get there. More wrist flip and a flatter trajectory is serving me well and 20g soft tips mean my throw is very similar with both boards. The biggest help was using smaller flights which seem to affect groupmore than the dark itself.  Short Silk Stiks  are a help too. In order to use small flights, I had to find the lightest sharfts available. Good advice is try different things and see what works. Good dartists can throw rusty nails with a flap of tape on one end and score well.
I recently dropped to 24 from 26 after throwing those same 26s since 1992. What I've found is that while I now hit my targets more often with the 24s, my errant throws are more errant than they were with the 26s. So right now my best form seems to be better than before, but my worst form is worse than before. It's as if I've gained potential but lost consistency, which is fine with me because I was consistently mediocre.

I only play since a little more then a year now. 

I started with 22g darts. Tried out a lot of different barrel types but the success only increased slowly.  A month ago i had the feeling that i stuck in a deadlock. I thought that i only stepping backwards. So i made a break of about four weeks. After that i put out the 17g barrels again, i won here (thanks again Dartsnutz!), and i easily hit the 20 again. Although the barrel did not fit properly for a frontgripper. And because i like scalloped barrels i ordered a 16g barrel, tried some different setups but found out really fast a good one for me. And in only two Sessions of a about 1 hour each i hit two 180 (Nr.7 and 8 overall) and had the leg of my life, a 12 Darter  Blush Blush . 

Sure, it is to early to celebrate, and perhaps i never hit a 12 Darter again. But right now my confidence into this Barrels are as high as the sky  Smile

Whatever, my feeling is that a lighter dart can go wild easily if the release is not clean, but the 6g lighter weight makes the whole throw much easier for me. 

Here is you can find my setup https://www.dartsnutz.net/forum/showthre...#pid325543
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i have always thrown a 24g dart,.i own some different weight darts but heavier ones aren t as responsive and lighter ones fly all over. and i mean 22g and 26g.i am sure with lots of practice that would change but subconsciously 24g works for my throw.all in my head i guess....
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Homestly it is all about what the thrower is most comfortable with. I started out using 26g darts and now use 21g. Its not only the weight of the barrel but the shape and entire set up as well. I find the One80 cutlass darts have the perfect balance for me, but when I throw any other dart I do better with heavier ones.
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