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Sorry for the delay Lefty, Im still getting my way through all of the threads and topics.

Ok, Deadeye Darts:

Price: definitely a +1. One of the cheapest online shops here in Australia.
Selection: again a +1 here. Very big selection.
Website: +1, easy to navigate, all categories listed down the left side of page.
S&H: +1, padded post bags used. Depending on what time of day I order will mean next day delivery, otherwise 2 days tops in Australia.
Postage: +1. $13 for delivery in Australia. It can be expensive if you dont buy a lot in one go.
Customer Service: I will give +1 here as I have never had a need to use it because of their excellent S&H.
Comments: They have good specials from time to time. Like quality flights cheap if you buy 10 sets. Most items get discounted if you buy more than 5 at a time.

No worries about the delay Jim. I appreciate you taking the time to provide such great feedback. The table has been updated

Definitely best darts supplier in Australia
+1 in all categories.
Example: I bought a set of McCoy Stealth darts and had an unlucky bounceout and snapped the point right next to the barrel. after contacting Laurie to see if he knew anyway or anyone who could remove the remaining point, he said that the McCoy tips were prone to this kind of breakage and sent me a new set the next day free of charge no questions asked. That deserves a +10 for customer service.
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also great darts reviews on youtube
Hey mokwai!

This is your 5th Post since Dec. 2013? Welcome back to Earth.
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Just placed my second order with Deadeye Darts.

My first lot of stuff (flights and stems) arrived Wednesday after the order was placed after business hours on Thursday.  I think the extra time is not due to DD's despatch as much as Australia Post itself...  Flights and stems were as ordered and I got free flights in the same styles but different colours.  Prices are the best I've seen in Oz and the range is better than anywhere in Oz.  Postage is $8.20 AUD which means you need to buy a few things to make it worthwhile.

Second order was placed last night and I received an email saying it had been despatched.  AusPost will probably get it to me by Xmas....

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