BDO Gold Cup Champions?
He guys,

I recently got interested in old BDO tournements and suprisingly I had to realise that it seems to be difficult to find out the names of the winners, of some of them. Especially I got interested in the winners of the BDO Gold Cup but I simply could not find a complete list. There are lists on the internet that tell you the names of the male and female single winners but I cannot find one of the pairs winners so maybe somebody here has got a list and can tell me which pairs won this trophy?

I will try to put a list from 1978 to 1992 soon.
(03-18-2023, 08:59 PM)philezra Wrote: I will try to put a list from 1978 to 1992 soon.
1978    -           Tim Stedman/Bill Duddy
1979    -           Eric Bristow/Cliff Lazarenko
1980    -           Peter Dickinson/Stuart Holden
1981    -           Ritchie Gardner/Roger Summers
1982    -           Mick Lumley/Doug McCarthy
1983    -           Eric Bristow/Cliff Lazarenko
1984    -           Gerry Heywood/Dennis Hickling
1985    -           Bob Anderson/Ritchie Gardner
1986    -           Peter Taylor/Shady Lane
1987    -           Dennis Harbour/Kevin Spiolek
1988    -           Mike Gregory/George Turnbull
1989    -           Dennis Harbour/Kevin Spiolek
1990    -           Dennis Priestley/Glyn Hackett
1991    -           Bob Anderson/Ritchie Gardner
1992    -           Alan Taylor/Ian Long

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