BDO Darts Championship Trophies Memorabilia up for auction
(03-08-2023, 12:10 PM)mc1958 Wrote:
(03-08-2023, 02:45 AM)TimmyNeutron Wrote: I wish I would have deeper pockets, shouldn’t the winners have one replica at home from their wins apart of the one original trophy ? At least that’s how it’s done with the World Cup trophies in other sports as far as I know. PDC buying all of them to display them and unite darts
History in a single place would be a splendid show of character from them.

And one more question and sorry for the lack of knowledge but who are the Jacklins spoken of in the tweet ?

Not sure but I believe the winners did used to get replicas for them to keep, although now sure this happened for the last few years.

And the Jacklin's are Des and Paula - Des was chairman of the BDO when it went under and his wife Paula is a player, and they pretty much accelerated the BDO going out of business, plus also made a mockery of it putting fake names in one of the World Masters draws which just happened to give Paula a better chance of progressing in the event as it made her a seed.
They do seem like a lovely couple Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. thanks for the answer, will do a bit of research and reading. Seems like some proper opportunists.
Current bids for the main trophies

World Championship Mens - £17,050
World Championship Ladies - £2,150
World Masters Mens - £4,150
World Masters Ladies - £1,800
World Darts Trophy Mens - £1,550
World Darts Trophy Ladies - £550
Gold Cup Singles Mens - £1,025
Gold Cup Singles Ladies - £250
Gold Cup Pairs Mens - £375
Gold Cup Pairs Ladies - £250

No additional bids on the mens WC trophy for a couple of days now, and it also looks like several of the items haven't had any bids yet as well - mostly the BICC trophies, but surprisingly also the Womens Gold Cup Singles as well.
No change on the bids for the mens World Championship trophy for a week now. Indeed the only changes in the past week for the main trophies are

World Championship Ladies - £2,300 - up £150
World Masters Mens - £6,050 - up £1,900
Gold Cup Pairs Mens - £400 - up £25
Gold Cup Pairs Ladies - £275 - up £25
PDC should buy the Mens and make it the trophy for the challenge tour
Not sure about that, but I noticed they added a few more lots to the auction including the following:

4 dart lanes comprising 48 aluminium oches - no bids yet and looking for opening bid of £50


approximately 40 used Gladiator 3 dartboards - no bids yet and looking for an opening bid of £100

Both these could be of interest for anyone looking to run competitions, or the dartboards for someone who runs a darts pub or league - they show a pic of one of the boards and it looks like it's still got a fair bit of life left in it.
The auctioneers have now included a "Collective Trophies Lot" so that all the trophies (and presumably includes all the other bits and bobs as well) can be bought as one overall purchase.

Further to us publishing our current online auction to include the BDO Darts Championship Trophies, Memorabilia and Event Fixtures, we are aware of the significant attention our sale has generated.

In particular we note a desire for the trophies to stay together.

To provide this opportunity, we have taken the decision to add a ‘Collective Lot’ to our online auction which will enable bidders to bid on all the trophies as one lot.

Bidding for this collective lot will open at 10:00am on Wednesday 23rd March 2023 at a start price that is reflective of, but greater than, the cumulative totals for all the individual trophies.

This lot will remain open for two hours after all the individual lots have closed to give people the opportunity to have reviewed the final individual totals for the trophies and allow time for fair bidding on the collective lot.

Assuming this collective lot receives a bid higher than the cumulative total of all the individual trophies, the trophies will be sold as a collection and not to the people who have bid on them individually.

If you have any enquiries about this please contact the auction accounts team at

No idea why but am guessing they are offering this in a bid to get rid of everything as it looks like almost half of the trophies/items have still not received any bids yet.
With a day left there's not been much movement on the main trophies, just the following

World Masters Mens - £6,150 (up £100)
Gold Cup Pairs Mens - £600 (up £200)
Gold Cup Pairs Ladies - £1,000 (up £725)

The Mens World Championship trophy has been stuck at £17,050 for a while now - most likely due to it not being the original trophy which was given to Bristow (and the second version which I believe was given to Lowe) but it is still the trophy that has been handed out for the last 25 years or so to Adams, Bunting, Duzza, etc.  

As an aside the "Collective Trophies Lot" for the whole lot in one bid is no longer showing - whether it will be put back up tomorrow morning I don't know, but if not then there are still quite a few of the items haven't had any bids on them yet.  

And not added them up properly but the current total of all the bids is around £35,000 - so that will probably just about cover the liquidators costs!!!
People still bidding on some of the main trophies but the following are the final prices for some of the main ones:

World Championship Mens - £20,050
World Masters Mens - £10,550
World Darts Trophy Mens - £1,750
World Darts Trophy Ladies - £550
Gold Cup Singles Mens - £1,225
Gold Cup Singles Ladies - £675
Gold Cup Pairs Mens - £825

The following still being bid on - current prices at time of this post are:

World Championship Ladies - £6,050
World Masters Ladies - £4,050
Gold Cup Pairs Ladies - £1,925
The other three main trophies now finished - final prices for those:

World Championship Ladies - £8,000
World Masters Ladies - £5,000
Gold Cup Pairs Ladies - £1,925
It's all just finished and the overall total was just over £58,000

The dart lanes went for £1,210 and the 40 used Gladiator board went for £430!!!
Great gesture by LP Metal Detecting, sponsors of the WSDT (among others) to buy the Ladies World Championship trophy and give it to Trina for safe keeping given she won it 10 times
No idea if he bought it himself - I don't think he did - but Duzza has now got the Mens World Championship trophy that he won 3 years on the trot
A sad end but many many bargains alot of the trophies being hallmarked silver sold for well under scrap there where county trophies selling for around £130 that contained well over £1000.00 in scrap silver alone and alot of the early golden era trophies sold for peanuts
Sad that darting history is being sold off like this because of the incompetence of the incumbents who ran the BDO

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