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I picked up darts (seriously) about a month ago. But, I've been playing darts roughly once a week since Nov. 2022 with friends playing cricket and 01's.  And in the last two in a half weeks I've been practicing daily using an app going against the DartBot - besides doing drills I found on youtube that I do for 15 mins to 45 mins a day.

Anyway, I just happened to look at my stats on the app. The average I have is 44 points about 1000 darts thrown since using the app. Is that a good starting point for this 50 yr/o newbie?

I don't exactly know how point averages works, or if it even matters in dart comp. But in golf, I play off 6.9 index which can be tough to beat the guys with higher handicaps (16-20) who shoot in the mid 80's and low 90's.  In bowling it's similar too, I get little to no handicap in tournaments with handicap scoring. I'm assuming there's now handicap in darts, or is there?
I'd say 40-50 average for a beginner is pretty decent for sure.

Once you get in the 50-60 range you'd be a good pub player and win quite a few games. Could easily join a league and hold your own.

60-70 would see you playing in an A league for sure. Anything above 70+ regularly and you're just under the lower end guys on the development tour.

As for handicap, it's not that regular where I play but have seen it a few times. In those instances, the better player starts on 701 and the other on 501.
Averages can be deceiving. First off, it has to include your out shots too, and that can skew them downward each and every dart missed at the double.

Let's say you're playing a game of 501 and you get down to 100 after 24 darts. That is an average of slightly over 50 points per throw. However, say it takes you an additional 12 darts to finish the game and your average drops down to just over 41.5 points per turn.

If you are averaging a true mid 40's average including out shots, that's pretty respectable for a beginner.

Now, when playing Cricket, it's more about marks per round and not so much points per dart. As a new player, if you are hitting 2-3 marks per round, I'd say you'll likely beat many players who throw at your level. Your weak spot may be Bullseyes since they are the smaller target.
Thanks for the info and sharing of your knowledge of the game everyone. I’m working on D outs as one of my practice sessions. I do a drill of hitting the bullseye/25 first then pick any double if I do hit the bullseye. If my first dart misses, I try to hit the double of that number with my last two darts which my first dart hit. I saw this on YouTube.

Anyway I downloaded another app the other night called dart counter and went against the bot for the first time on this app. (I have another app that I use too) Here are screenshots of my first game on this app. I don’t really know what I’m looking at ?…

Just a side note. I needed 159 and I busted by hitting 180. I saw the first two darts go in and I just went for it. I didn’t care about the game for a split second and just threw the third dart without really much thought to it. Very very lucky tonight

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