2023 Challenge and Development Tours
CT14 was won by Conan Whitehead beating William Borland in the final 5-2 - good to see Co back winning again.

So with 10 events remaining the top 10 in the OOM are:

1 Berry van Peer 11,850
2 Chris Landman 5,050
3 Christian Kist 5,050
4 Dragutin Horvat 4,950
5 John Henderson 4,875
6 Ron Meulenkamp 4,725
7 Cam Crabtree 4,475
8 Conan Whitehead 4,050
9 Andy Boulton 4,025
10 Thibault Tricole 4,000

BVP looking very good to win a tour card back, although will he want it?  I think he is enjoying himself being able to play pretty much everything at the moment - Pro Tour (due to withdrawals), CT, WDF, Modus - Scott Williams was in a similar position last year, and due to the lack of match practice as he can now only play the main tour his game has suffered.
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Looking through the results, this beating England took in the Top 32 isn't something I've really seen before. (Event 10)
DT11 won by Bradley Brooks beating the new Unicorn signing Owen Roelofs 5-3 in the final

Luke Littler went out in the quarters and Gian van Veen in the last 16 - both were beaten by Roelofs.
DT12 won by Wessel Nijman beating Dylan Slevin in the final 5-1

Nijman knocked out Littler in the last 32 and Slevin knocked out van Veen in the semis.

Littler stays on top of the OOM on 9,600 but now only 100 ahead of van Veen on 9,500. Nijman is third a little way back on 7,850.
DT13 won by Gian van Veen beating Wessel Nijman in the final 5-4 

Nijman beat Littler in the last 16.

That win moves van Veen to the top of the OOM leading Littler by £2,100 with Nijman a further £1,050 back in third spot.  These three well ahead of the remaining players.
DT14 won by Jarred Cole beating Rusty-Jake Rodriguez in the final 5-1
DT15 was won by Adam Gawlas beating Dylan Slevin in the final 5-4

At the end the third weekend the top 10 of the Development Tour OOM looks like this:

1 Gian van Veen 12,300
2 Luke Littler 10,175
3 Wessel Nijman 8,925
4 Bradley Brooks 6,525
5 Jarred Cole 6,100
6 Jurjen van der Velde 5,450
7 Dylan Slevin 5,325
8 Nathan Rafferty 5,125
9 Sebastian Bialecki 4,800
10 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4,475
DT16 final - Luke Littler 5-2 Bradly Roes

DT17 final - Gian van Veen 5-0 Reece Colley

van Veen leads the OOM by £2,025 over Littler with Nijman in third a further £3,675 behind.

Also it appears James Beeton hit a niner in DT17 - will update the list in a mo.
DT18 final - Nathan Rafferty 5-3 Cam Crabtree
DT19 final - Wessel Nijman 5-3 Gian van Veen
DT20 won by Luke Littler beating Gian van Veen in the final 5-4

A good day for Luke as he also hit a niner in his last 16 game as well - I've already updated the list with it.

This puts van Veen on £17,500 at the top of the OOM with Littler in second on £15,975 and Nijmen in third on £12,750
Looking at the OOM it looks like that win has secured Luke a PDC Tour Card for next year as it doesn't look like 2 players currently without cards can actually catch him up with only 4 events lefts this year - and as he is £5,750 ahead of the next non-card holder it looks like Nijmen will be getting a Tour Card as well

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