JDC World Championship
All England final in the MVG Masters coming up shortly - Luke Littler vs Evan Willoughby

And to the surprise of nobody Luke Littler retains the title winning 6-0 in the final
I was shocked he won 6-0
JDC World Championship today - scores from the semi-finals

Harry Gregory 5-3 Peter Stewart Jr
Pim Van Bijnen 2-5 Luke Littler

Therefore the final, to be played at Ally Pally, will be

Harry Gregory vs Luke Littler

The stream for the second semi was buffering like mad and they kept stopping and restarting it, so I ended up following it on DartConnect. Van Bijnen was still suffering bad with dartitis though, and personally I think Brown should have actually stopped him playing today as it's not fair to either Van Bijnen himself or to his opponents.
I lost the stream just before the Littler vs Van Bijnen match, i dont think anyone was gonna beat Littler today, was hoping to see Stewart Jr win his match
Stewart started off quite well and I thought he was going to take it - and must admit I would have preferred him to get through as well to make it an international affair at Ally Pally.

As far as the final goes I can't see Gregory even getting close to Luke, but hopefully he proves me wrong and does make a game of it.

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