DC price increase?
(11-17-2022, 08:38 PM)entropism Wrote: They also have a shop on Amazon US, and I believe they're increasing prices to be in line with the American market.  Stupid move, IMHO.

I'd have to agree with you there.  Granted, I'm not an economics guy but to get in line with American prices not only loses at least a portion of American customers, but also maybe some from the UK. 

The cheapest flights on DC are now $1 USD.  I looked at PureDarts and there are a lot that are $0.57.  I should compare the prices of some darts.  Shame is on PureDarts, there doesn't seem to be any way to filter what you are looking at.
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I just picked up a bunch of stuff from Dartbrokers in the US and DoubleTop in the UK. Dartscorner was SEMI competitive in pricing, but then crap the bed on shipping charges. Once I added their $44 designa repointer, shipping went up to $25 or so.
(11-23-2022, 12:31 AM)JayPro Wrote: The cheapest flights on DC are now $1 USD.  I looked at PureDarts and there are a lot that are $0.57.

I think that's just a wonky part of their wonky website when you're displaying a different currency.  If you show things in GBP, they'll display correctly instead of rounding up to the nearest dollar and should be the actual price when you go to check out.

The old school light blue website was a thousand times better.  The new one's just a clunky chore that pushes me away from a store I used to buy from weekly.
When you switch to GBP and go to check out (and are shipping to the US) it automatically swaps back to USD and the higher prices.
My issues with them is what led me to join here to see if anyone knew how to work with them better. Placed a $400 USD order just before the new website went in and we were very happy. Went back last week to place another $300 order, and they seem to have lost their minds. 

1. The USD prices have an exchange rate of at least 35% up to over 100% for small items. Want to buy a 100 pound gift card? That's $135.70. I thought about that as a means of being allowed to pay in GBP, but it's still overpriced if they'd even let it happen.
2. As mentioned, the flights and shafts that were under a pound a set are all at least $1 in USD. This includes clearance items that were listed at 16p a set.
3. Minimum shipping to the US went up from about $15 to $25.
4. Have a coupon code? Better not want anything that's on sale. I was told that I would have to place separate orders since their system can't handle excluding sale items from a coupon code. They insisted I would have to pay the shipping charge separately for each order.

We're probably going to end up reducing our order to remove all clearance and sale items - the extra $25 shipping for the few of those items we were ordering makes them more expensive than they would be if they weren't on sale. Beyond that, we're looking at alternatives for the other items we were ordering. I may order some of the similar stuff from Double Top and look locally for the Cosmo items we were ordering.

As far as them having an Amazon store, I looked at the darts I was going to order from them that are currently on sale. £28.83 pounds in the UK, $38 in the US (plus their $25 shipping for the order) from their site, and $64.95 if you order through the Amazon store. Looks like they are building the entire shipping cost into the price of the item - so no way to spread that shipping charge over multiple items to make it reasonable. There are effectively no returns as well, since it will probably cost you $25-35 to return an item to them which makes it not worth doing for anything but a really expensive set of darts.

I am surprised that an enthusiast site like this one doesn't have people with connections into this big dealer. I figured (and hoped) that I would come read a post or two like this, followed by a message from someone who lives near Darts Corner and shops there in person who would talk to the people who run the place.
The only thing I can tell you is that shipping to my sister in the U.S. has gone up greatly. As far as the rest I buy from most of the online dart shops including a couple of U.S. shops (Horizon & Dartworld). There are so many things DC has a bit of a monopoly on now, it leaves me nowhere else to go, so I grin and bear it. Ebay U.S. darts don't compare. GL in your searching.
DC isn’t really a shop it’s just a warehouse. Whilst it has a counter where you can pick up online orders you can’t go and look around. It’s just a big lockup in Bolton. They are so big now customer service is very hit and miss, and I don’t think they really care.

My understanding with Amazon is to get high on the searches you have to offer free postage/Prime. The only way to do that is to bake the postage directly into the price, and therefore as you’ve discovered it makes buying multiple things prohibitive. eBay is the same. In DCs defence though I will say that happens with the same products from other darts retailers, compare the prices of Red Dragon from their website to Amazon to see. These platforms are just aimed at casual buyers, not people who want a load of stuff I guess.

Unless you want Designa/Mission stuff I would suggest trying smaller more customer orientated retailers such as Bully Darts or Double Top, where you are more likely to be able to get a personal response and perhaps figure something out for a big order.

tldr; DC are too big to care about customer service and individual orders.

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