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2023 Premier League
(02-02-2023, 11:56 PM)italNZ Wrote: Given the parity amongst the top players these days, I would like to see the PDC to go back to the contender's format...maybe not exactly the same but something similar at least.

A few of the players were obviously quite worthy of a PL spot but missed out - Humphries, R.Smith, Noppert, Cullen to name a few. It used to be fairly clean cut as to who would make it - or at least mostly the top ten, but this parity in the top 16 to 32 changes things in my opinion.

Giving these fringe PL players a shot at winning a premier league night would allow them to prove themselves worthy so to speak, plus have the chance to gain some prize money as well (I realise it doesn't count toward the OOM, but a bit of cash can't hurt).

It would also allow the PDC to showcase their faves Sherrock, RVB etc. as they did before, and also allow a player like Clemens and others a shot in their home country.

Just a thought, as I find the current Premier League quite boring to watch, seeing the same guys playing each other over and over who are normally at the end of most of the TV tourneys as well.

I think the world series of darts events have pretty much taken over what the PL should have become. Events in different countries or regions of the world, changing the 8 top PDC players, and playing against the best in that part of the world.

As you said the PL has become so stale now, most weeks a few of the players don't look like they want to be there and I think Rob Cross comments last week are probably shared by many of the players. Its just a glorified exhibition of darts and a cash cow for Sky and the sponsors.

I think at the end of this PL campaign people are going to get sick of the sight of the same 8 players playing each other week in week out. The familiarity of the top players also is not good for their confidence. For example, I believe Glen Durrant developed dartitus through playing in it. None of them can develop a winning mentality because the format doesn't lend itself to that. This is why its unlikely that the top players can have a dominant period of success because that fear factor disappears once you start losing to each other every other week. It won't be long before a few players ditch it and Sky drop it. I can't imagine the viewing figures are great either TBH.
It's good that people go to the darts to watch the darts!!!! This is from last night in Belfast
In this current format, I watched some dude hit a 170 and 160 out to win a match! Was I not entertained to quote a gladiator from the past? Not sure how other premier leagues work like that soccer(football)soccer league or the collage football playoffs, I’m sure they have it down to a science. A money grab for some tv station maybe and unfair to players who don’t get in probably, but in this current format it’s 8 slightly above average dart players that I watch to see how they deal with stuff. Maybe someday they will allow someone like me in so we can have a rematch of Georgia vs TCU game.

In this format pretty sure the players not selected and the ones that are selected are probably not going to say enough is enough and form their own league but if they do I hope it’s on tv or web so I can watch as I enjoy the darts they produce, I would like them include English subtitles as watching the Dutch open was hard to understand, don’t think was a PDC event so may not relate.

One last thing the time zone is terrible inconvenient for me can you ask them to start at 2am local as to improve my watching ability. Thanks!

Really one last thing, as far as dancing goes I don’t seem to mind the PDC Dancers they can stay, although wife not sure if they are needed. And apparently others take the quote Dance like no one’s watching a little to literally!
Blue Plasma dart with 35mm mission points Cuesoul TRAJ AK8 flights total weight 21g (I think last ones for a while)!!!
May be ending dart run and just move to home practice when I can, Darts take a lot of effort to throw at least for me and commitment may be more than life will allow. 

Be Safe and Good Darts!
No idea if anyone is watching this year, but tonight's first matches are:

Night Four - Thursday February 23
3Arena, Dublin

Michael Smith v Peter Wright
Gerwyn Price v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Jonny Clayton v Nathan Aspinall
Chris Dobey v Michael van Gerwen
I'll be watching for the most part between doing things around the house that need to be done,
Apparently MVG won again last night for the third consecutive week - personally I was watching the footie lol
I watched a bit but … is it me that it’s getting a bit boring a predictable
I watched the first week when Dobey made his proper debut in it, but not watched any of it since.

I can understand the format for the spectators in the venue - well those that are actually there for the darts anyway - as all the games actually count and they will see a winner crowned at the end of the night, but I totally agree for tv viewers it is boring seeing the same match ups all the time and seen lots of comments from others saying the same.
I think one of the problems is it just feels like I’ve just watched all this for the last 4 months

World Championship, Masters, World Series, UK Open now the Premier League

By the time it gets around to Blackpool the feeling of a Semi Final of Michael van Gerwen vs Jonny Clayton isn’t as exciting

It’s not really the PDC fault you can’t do a Premier League / World Series without the majority top 8 / 10

I’d imagine it’s a fairly good money maker for the PDC that also probably helps fund other tours in the system behind closed doors 

For TV broadcasters it guarantees a Thurs night TV slot for a few months 

As a viewer - do I really care if Clayton wins the final or Wright? 
As a player - I’m obviously trying 100% but it’s not a disaster if I go out as I come back next week

It does a job and I try and watch as much as I can but you can’t beat something like Andrew Gilding winning the UK Open
Waiting for the footie to start on BT Sports so had a quick look on twitter and see loads of people having issues with PDCTV not working for this tonight!!! Absolutely ridiculous the amount of money a subscription costs these days - glad I stopped my sub a few years ago.
WOW, what a game by Dobey blanking MVG in their match. MVG had his chances but missed a lot of doubles, allowing Dobey to take advantage and put games in the win column.
(03-16-2023, 08:51 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Waiting for the footie to start on BT Sports so had a quick look on twitter and see loads of people having issues with PDCTV not working for this tonight!!!  Absolutely ridiculous the amount of money a subscription costs these days - glad I stopped my sub a few years ago.

I did the same a couple years ago after getting tired of lagging streams, pixilating, out of sync action to commentary and plain old loss of stream, often at crucial moments in matches.

For a company whose main focus is streaming the darts, they sure don't do a good job of it.
I don’t know how the PDC streams sound but I’ve noticed this year on Sky a lot of the Premier League weeks there seems to be some sort of crackling / hissing noise.

Anybody else notice this?

It doesn’t happen on other programs / channels so I know it’s not my tele ready to pack up haha
Yes Keisho, it's like white noise between the sound of the commentators and the crowd.
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A good result for Dobey beating van Gerwen 6-0 last night

But it also highlights some of the flaws of this format in the Premier League

Thats now the 3rd time in 7 weeks that MvG has played Dobey by the time we get to an event like the World Matchplay they could of already faced each other 8-9 times

And I’ve not even included any potential matches on Pro Tours and Euro Tours

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