What is the best dart for a beginner here in the UK?
My opinion is the winmau navigator 3 or the red dragon GT3 both very cheap and a great starting point in my opinion
That may be so - for many - but not all.

We have section in our Quick Reference Guide - located right here in the Beginner's forum - How To Choose The Right Darts.  Several threads suggest trying all the major shapes when starting out.  Hard to guess what'll suit - there're no absolutes.

Which I think is a good idea - just don't break the bank - i.e. obsess on player models.  Your preferences are likely to change as you progress.
I usually recommend a straight barrel ring-grip Bristow style barrel around 22g weight range when asked by new or prospective players what they should try as a first set. There are numerous variations out there - including those Navigators. It's a good starting point IMO and a useful set to have even if a player moves on to another shape/weight/style of barrel. Obviously, experimenting with stem length and flight shape also plays a part in finding what works.
I completely agree
Something cheap so you can try different styles to find what you like.  There's a million different 80% or plus tungsten darts that are £20 and less these days - red dragon, designa, mckicks Alan glaziers, plenty of good options
Another option is if you have friends that play darts and are willing to let you test out their darts to see how they fit your style of throw.

Personally, I have several sets and am always willing to let people try out my darts to see how they get along with them. The only set I don't really let go for long are my go-to set that I like to keep close at hand.
Or find a dart shop and try many of what they have to see what style is most comfortable. Even a bit of a trip could save some money in the long run.
Anything to avoid buying just to test things things out, would be good I think. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
I spent a lot of money testing out darts. Never had the luxury of a shop near by.
I dont know if it is the best, but you cant go wrong for the price

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