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Help with Granboard 3 App
Hi everyone could someone please help me i am trying to add people to the family section to play offline but for some reason the app is greyed out and i cant select or add anyone, thanks in advance for the help.
Moved over to soft tip chat as there's several other threads on the Gran Board in here.

No expert on soft tip machines, but you may get more help in this section if not already asked and answered
One of our members may indeed have an answer - but like to point out Granboard has a fairly active Facebook page.  Linked in the Gran Darts Support page:


You can only have 1 account logged in to the app.

To add extra players for offline games, you need to use the Register Guest option which should be in the bottom right of the Select Players screen.

There are two ways to do it, if they have the Gran Card app, they can just scan the QR code shown.

If not, there is a button for Gran ID Entry where they can enter their ID and Password.

Once done, they should stay linked and be available to select for future games.

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