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What does it feel like to you?
I have spent quite a while now improving my throw. From being a really bad ovwrthinker, I have managed to settle on a lot that I use to question about my throw.

However, there is one thing nagging in my mind, how does it feel? 

I ask this in relation to the actual throwing part of the throw, the thrust forward... what would you say it is simular to? 

I ask because sometimes I find myself throwing and imagining it's like a ball in my hand, other times I say to myself just throw over the top my the elbow, other times it almost as If I am pushing the dart to the board. 
Is there a right or wrong way with this part of the throw like there are to others? 

This is probably the little piece of the puzzle that really keeps bothering me, so your thoughts are appreciated.

Cheers everyone
Phil Taylor likened it to shooting an arrow. For a mortal like me, I try to imagine throwing something large but lightweight at the board.
I think of it as a javelin. Maybe due to my throw use to being wayward to the right like say, Mensur Suljovic, I imagine the dart as that.

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When i was younger and a lot better at throwing i used to just imagine it landing where i was looking, not, like any particular thing like a gun arrow or javelin, almost willing it to land where i wanted it too land, as the sessions progressed in duration and with practice, i found i could zoom in and adjust my throw, by just looking where the previous dart had landed and just concentrating and blocking out the rest of the board apart from what i wanted to hit.

Very often i could tell it was going in, as it left my hand and before it even hit the board, I just knew, by instinct ( A bit like "feel the force luke" ) aka luke skywalker ))  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.  I dont know how else to explain that, in any other way.

When i was on a good session (they werent all good ones) i could almost place them in a portion of the segment I was targeting (ie) almost, as if i had actually stuck them in by hand, that was about 34 years ago now and those old darts have long since gone, as well as that technique / ability.

I have never been able to throw the same since and it only lasted a few months at that level of play, but, that was how i used to throw (when i was at my own personal peak) its a skill long since gone and i probably couldnt have done it, apart from just in practice.

One time I met an ex soldier at the fair (well that was his claim, he was knocking on a bit) he was an amazing shot / marksman,  i remember being told, that the open sights had been doctored by the stall owner (to make it harder, to aim, which he even pointed out to me) he took the time to explain to me that all you, do is watch where the previous pellet went (when hitting the canvas at the back, to sight the shot) then compensate, not by aiming to correct using the dodgy sights (although i guess you could probably do that) but, by feel and instinct (and possibly using the barrel itself, to sight the shot, which, i have since figured out myself) he actually almost emptied the stall of teddies because people wanted him to shoot for them, he was that good at it, he even swapped rifle and still hit stuff, he also explained you try to hit high on the head, because, the flip down targets are weighted to be hard to knock down, other wise.

TBH looking back i think it may have been his stall and that was how he got peoples attention (including mine) and that was, kinda, his, roll up roll up thing, but, that was the story he told me, when I began taking aim (and had already been sucked in) and tbh i found it fascinating (yep, he cleaned me out of my money, on that stall, that day, but, I have never forgotten, the jist, of that spiel).

I guess the moral of that, might have been practice, practice and practice.

The basic idea, was, to do it that frequently, that it becomes second nature (I think the spiel was just that, a good sales pitch).

I dont think everyone can play under pressure, either (i know i cant, its not just about the darts, i can mimic that, almost, in practice. Its about distractions, loosing concentration and taking your eye off the ball and being played / strung along, by others, like i did above, when i got rinsed).

That probably needs another player, or, a league if you want to try and get used to that kind of pressure / throwing (ie) the unpredictable, distractions, or, being, in sucker mode, which i was clearly in, above, when i got hussled.

I dont know how, but, sometimes, i almost forget how to throw, when, I am under the wrong kind of pressure / stress (that can be a major problem, well it is for me).
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Various random, other darts, on my rotation, from 18 to 26 grams.
For me it's just smooth, easy, and almost like I could close my eyes and still hit that pinpoint knowing it's going there on release. I just wish it was a better frequency than double digits. Maybe one day again.
Like Phil above, I’m no longer a consistently good thrower, but I had a few really strong seasons of league play. During that stretch, it really felt like the throwing was more of a placing — as though all I had to do was stretch my arm right to the board and stick the dart where I wanted it to land. It was part mechanical but a lot was just mental — feeling confident that the dart would end up where I wanted it. I wish I could get that back again, but I still enjoy the game.
If I concentrate on cocking my wrist then my darts fly straighter. Thats all i think about.
Great. Thanks guys. I think I will just have to find the one I get the most consistent results with and stick to it no matter what
I like the throwing over the top if the elbow idea the most. I think it was John Part who came up with that piece of advice.

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Learn some breathing exercises and just focus on your breathing and then just throw the dart. Your body knows how to throw it sounds like you have a mental block
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