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2021 Tri-Nations British Open
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Taking place next weekend, 15th to 17th October, at the Spa, Bridlington with the British Open being Gold status and the British Classic being Silver status.

Online entries close on 13th October, but the alpha lists are:

British Open
Mens Singles -
Ladies Singles -
Mens Pairs -
Ladies Pairs -

British Classic
Mens Singles -
Ladies Singles -
Boys Singles -
Girls Singles -

Event Schedule
Friday 15th: British Open Mens and Ladies Pairs and Youth
Saturday 16th: British Classic Mens and Ladies Singles
Sunday 17th: British open Mens and Ladies Singles

No idea of any links yet, but I would guess that there will be some sort of streaming for this, at least for the stage matches.
Entries now closed for this and guessing the draws will be out later tonight or sometime tomorrow, but just seen they will be using DartConnect - not sure if it's all the boards using it or just the stage games, but got a feeling it is all the boards. Anyway, whatever they are covering the link is here:

EDIT: just seen a tweet from DC themselves who say it is all the boards
England trials yesterday with Lorraine Winstanley, Connor Scutt and Arron Monk all winning selection for the England international squad for 2022.

The pairs events played to the semi finals with the finals being played on stage on Sunday between

Mens - John Crossley & Luke Littler vs Tavis Dudeney & Cavan Phillips
Ladies - Trina Gulliver & Many Smith vs Corrine Hammond & Fallon Sherrock

No idea yet of any streaming but still guessing there will be something
Seems like the ghost of the BDO is running this event - by the sounds of it they have redrawn the ladies singles for todays British Classic a couple of times now. The ladies started playing and halfway through the first matches were told to stop as the draw had to be redone. Then they decided it needed to be redrawn again after that due to another error!!!
Either Shaun Matthews is a class player or the scores in this one didn't register properly and got put in afterwards lol
Final of the Ladies British Classic to be played tomorrow (I think)

Denise Cassidy vs Lorraine Hyde

Fallon lost to Corrine Hammond 4-2 in the quarters

Men still playing as are the youths round robin
(10-16-2021, 05:48 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Final of the Ladies British Classic to be played tomorrow (I think)

Denise Cassidy vs Lorraine Hyde

Apparently Lorraine Hyde has never won a WDF ranking title, and Denise Cassidy hasn't won one for 11 years!!!

As an aside, the Mens British Classic final is

Jim McEwan vs Rhys Hayden
It would appear that, as well as Lorraine in the ladies final, both mens finalists have never won a WDF ranking title either.
Stream for the stage finals starting around 4pm

No idea when the stream is going to start as the men are still playing the quarter finals of the British Open.

Ladies British Open final though will be

Fallon Sherrock vs Corrine Hammond
Appears the start time was moved to 5:00.
All the scores from todays finals

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Great comeback from Scott Marsh from 5-2 down to win the British Open - sure I saw Dan in there when Scott jumped off the stage at the end??

Anyway, some pics of the winners on the Tri Nations site

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