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I started darts on my 50th birthday, Jan 28 5 years ago. In my first tournament I went 0-21, got smoked. I played a couple more tournaments til covid hit winning a few games, nothing big. This past weekend was the first big tournament in a couple years. They had the men divided into 6 divisions and I won my division. I was ecstatic, so happy. Went to the single knockout playoffs and got destroyed lol, but super happy overall. Man this game is addicting

Congratulations on winning your division !
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
Well done! Sounds like your game and moreso your match confidence is coming along nicely!

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Well done pugtato!

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Has got to be a great feeling. Well done.
That's what I love about darts. It affords us "older" folk an opportunity to get some wins over much younger folks since it really isn't a physical game other than the endurance factor if going deep into tournaments.

I've been playing since my mid 30's and am getting ready to turn 69 in November and I still can get some great games in against younger league players from my area. I win my share, and lose my share, but I'm there to play as hard as I can every time I step to the oche and that will never get old for me.
Well played pugtato. There aren't many games where your opponent cannot do anything to affect your performance or the result. The best player always wins , if you think about it.

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