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Question for darts collectors...
Good luck to you Drum.

I actually find chopping and changing my darts makes me refocus and mostly play better than I was.

For example. I have been solely using 1 set of darts for practice and matches in the hope that I will become one with them. This was going ok, but every couple of weeks I find I just can’t seem to throw them.

When this happens I pick up another set of darts that are completely different and this seems to reset everything. My brain has to adjust to the new weight, grip, release, and whatever else to get used to the new darts and I tend to play better for a bit.

I’m currently in a lull with my “main set” and have been changing darts every few days to keep things fresh. Knowing that I have different sets in a display rack setup and ready to throw at any minute helps me justify the collection. Only issue is that the display rack only holds 15 sets. I either need to buy another one (which will obviously need filling) or only keep my favourites on show and the rest in boxes or sell them.

I’m constantly reasoning with myself as to why I need them all, and any new ones

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Over the past 7-8 years probably owned 270ish sets of darts. Have sold off about a hundred or so in the past couple of years. Didn’t plan on starting a collection of darts, just kinda happened. Wanted to try out different styles and weights and grip, in the first couple of years of playing.

Started off buying used sets off eBay, since I didn’t have a store near me, figured it would be cheaper than purchasing new sets. Before I knew it, I had a couple of dozen sets acquired. Found this forum not long after that, seeing some of the other members collections helped fuel my desire to collect more. Also learned it’s much cheaper to order from the stores over seas. 

I started to gather all the info I could on darts, players and books. Anything about the history of the game and equipment used over the years i could find. Was try to get caught up with anything darts, I missed out on from the past. 

Went through different phases of what I wanted to try out/collect. Started with Unicorn darts from the 90’-2000’s since I liked the players they had. Then went through a moveable point phase, which I didn’t really care for. After that it was Copper Tungstens. I think it was player darts after that. Then I started sticking to one set and didn’t change throwing sets much. Started finding and reading more books on darts. Most recently it’s been Monster darts. 

I’ve had tendencies to collect things prior to my dart life. In high school I collected vintage video games, mostly Nintendo. After that it was Records and LPs. At some point it becomes to much and sell off most of it. Somehow that hasn’t happened with darts yet, I’m stuck in a cycle of buying, trying and selling & trading.

After all the changing of darts over the years I’ve learned a lot about my throw and what I look for in a set. 

From one hoarder to another, Good luck Drum

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Thanks guys.
Westy, that is exactly what I do! 
Part of what keeps me interested in this game is constantly refreshing my darts.
It doesnt take many darts to keep me happy. 
I usually have 7-8 sets on regular rotation but I love digging into the sets that I rarely play to throw a few games with before going back to the regulars. 
Probably why I will always be a mediocre player. 
That's fine with me, so long as I am a happy player.

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JJ, I feel you, Brother.
Happiness is its own reward.  At least its not heroin or crack cocaine.  lol

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