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Then and now
(02-08-2022, 06:03 PM)Gamecockdarts Wrote:
(09-08-2021, 03:08 PM)SlingBlade Wrote: Good question. To me I feel that the game can't have changed all too much. I would guess that there is less drink involved now and players are aware how that could change their game.
The game is always the same. 

The players change. The mentality of things changes. 

for example watch bob anderson play, even a little Phil. They stay on 20's, even start on them on a number like 306. They just muscle their way down the board. Players today know that from 309, two T19's and a 25 leave an out. Its brought a new level of mathmatical finesse to the game in the last 10 years. We have seen 134's, 174,177's rise dramatically. I blame MVG a little for that. I blame Phil for the use of 19's in the 134 combination. 

The sports science has changed. Guys throws are more fundamentally rooted. Solid Rhythmic backswings, good firm forward motion with a good follow through. gone are the days of a jocky like thrower, or even a Priestley style.

Your spot on..............  my sentiments exactly.

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