England Open/National Weekend 2021
I just got done streaming it on Youtube, I really enjoyed it, but I have to say, I'm a little bit confused.
Is it one tournament, or the finals day of multiple tournaments ?
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
Read the first post
(09-13-2021, 12:23 AM)Crusher17 Wrote: Read the first post

This is the first time I've found any of it on Youtube, and when you come into it this late in the game, it can be a bit confusing.
Thanks for the reminder to look at the first post, it helped explain a lot.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
Was well chuffed for Deta winning the Open title yesterday and qualifying for Lakeside and knew she had won loads, but I've just seen on twitter that this was the 216th ranking title of her career!!!

God knows how many it would be adding in any unranked titles including any pairs and team titles!!!

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