Need help with dart shafts
Recently I bought my first set of darts. They are the Winmau Cyclone 26grs and have been practicing for a week now. Today I accidentally (unluckily) threw one dart right on top of the other, damaging on of the little teeth on the shaft.
I was browsing through Amazon to have an idea of the flights that are available, but the choices are numerous and I really do not know if I HAVE to buy shafts that are winmau or if any other brand will do.
Also, What kind of shaft is more sturdy and less likely to break with accidents like the one I had. I see there are aluminum, carbon, etc.
Thanks for the advice.
Stay away from ally and use nylon, they are more durable, funnily enough the cheapest nylon on the market is the most durable (IMO) and that is the deflecta grip ------------> click here.

They also fit the wizlock cap and punch system the best and combined you will have minimal robin hood's and one set of stems will last a year+, unless it breaks at the thread.
TIP: non colored nylon stems seem to be less brittle that colored ones. (black and white)

Click to see the wizlock cap and punch system -----> https://www.puredarts.co.uk/search/resul...ck&x=0&y=0
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Its a common thing with alloy stems for the tangs to break off.

Nearly all darts today have a 2ba thread which accept 2ba stems, its the most numerous thread in use, there is a few speciality threads but very rarely used.

I would try the deflectagrip nylons: https://www.puredarts.co.uk/deflectagrip...art-stems/
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Yup, I think most of us have used aluminum stems at some point and had them bend and snap and so moved back/ on to nylon stems never to go back Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

They are cheap, durable and IMO balance the dart much better - you can also use springs, rings and as mentioned the Wizlock caps that will hold your flights firmly onto the nylon stems.
Ok I see the stem nazis have started, lol. There is nothing wrong with alloy stems. Both plastic, alloy or any number of specialty stem systems all have their pluses and minuses. As Grip said most darts have the 2ba thread so there are a number of choices for types of stems. The only thing you really want to be worried about is the length of the stem which can effect the way the dart flies. So knowing the length of stem you use is helpful in finding a proper replacement.

I would find a stem you like and possibly order a few sets, at least two that way you have replacements in case you do robinhood again.

You will find the majority of members here are anti-alloy stems. It really is personal preference. As long as you get something that lets the dart fly how you like, it doesn't matter if they are plastic, alloy, wood or any number of other materials as long as you like what you are using that is all that matters.
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Ive played for many yrs on / off at darts through the times before nylon stems became available and the old days i remember after the feathered flights i add < not that old lol ..Anyhow from say mid 70s I used aluminium stems then went to the bubble stems

until the nylon came out in which Jocky Wilson played with later
actually thinking back when Jocky played me with his then Leighton Rees darts im sure he used not the bubble stems as mentioned in a old post but the aluminium stems and was later he came out with his own darts and the nylon stems as we know
But i prefer the medium stems as in the pic < although the very minor difference in these stems i use
slightly hold your flights higher just a tad say 1 mm or 2 mm higher in the stem than the normal deflectagrips .. but with the flight punch and stem rings your flights stays in tightly and never come undone as ive never had one come undone when a dart falls on the floor from the stem as the flight stays in tight and is something i wished was out yrs ago
as always checking the flights were in tightly before i threw my darts , and just near before each throw ..Oh ye also since the pic ive the small rubber O-rings which keep the addagrams in well tight ..The pic was taken before i got the flight punch in which is well worth paying the money for is a flight punch

These deflectagrip stems are cheapest on the market im sure and none break at all as very durable material theyre made off which is nylon and shall last forever when buying say 10 sets of such and you can pick from the different colours .. my darts i use below and i realize as many do and i did also that we never liked the addagramsi had thrown mine in with the rubbish from my darts gear until just approx. 2 mths ago and decided to try them in my 19 gram darts and hey presto theyre working well for me with the addagrams ..

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(01-16-2014, 11:38 AM)uncle poop Wrote: Ok I see the stem nazis have started, lol.

Do you see Saber or me? Nein!! Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

don't get me going- I go ballistic over why metal stems suck.
Suck bad!
Clearly, I spoke too soon. But yes, metal stems suck bad.
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

here ya go bud https://www.dartsnutz.net/showthread.php...te#pid7644
I wouldn't say I was totally opposed to alloy stems but nature states that a steel point making contact with an alloy stem is going to end with one result - bent alloy.

Fine for soft tip and fine if you got deep pockets as they need replacing on a regular basis, nylon on the other hand last for months and cost pence to replace Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

Just saying Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. lol
I guess I am in the minority here. Not that I am an alloy fan nor do I currently use them (I am using the fit flight system). But I have never had a problem with alloys.

I also have a feeling Saber and a few other members have stock in nylon stem manufacturing.
CARBON Cosmo FitFlight stems. A bit pricey but NEVER had one break and NEVER had a Robinhood (One stuck into the back of the other, which is what appears to have happened to your set.)


I agree... mein herr.... Allys SUCK!
Recently got some target pro stems and using the metal rings on them was a joke. they bent and broke so I went with the springs. They don't seem to hold the flight in place. I tried different flights like vision and Pentathlon and they just seem to come out too easily. I like the way the nylon stems feel with my darts though. Maybe I need to use the punch? Does that work with all springs or do I need to use special rings? Seems like these flights come out too easily and I'm spending more time doing flight adjustment than concentrating on practice. With the aluminum stems the flights stay in till the stem bends are the fingers break and sometimes just a quick bend and I'm back in the throw.

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