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Pull Back/Take back advice
After recording a few throws last week the one thing that was really obvious....

When I'm bringing the dart back, it doesn't really come back as far as it probably should do.

My throw has never had a long take back like Chris Mason, but I don't remember it being like the earlier years of Devon Petersen

Any advice on developing the take back part of the throw?
Only one advice.
If you hit your targets then there's absolutely no reason to change your throw. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Why 'should' the arm come back more?
Yesterday I was examining my throw a little as I was looking at another Thread about Vision Centre..

I'm the type of person who just picks up a set and throws it.. making fine adjustments to the throw until hitting the target.. 

My drawback does not come down my Vision Centre at all but comes down at an angled approach stopping for a brief moment roughly several cm's in front of my right cheek.  From there it moves more centrally to my face whilst the throw forwards has commenced.  The target is always in my vision, the dart does not block this target in any way. I'm kinda looking over the dart.

We are all slightly different in our approach to throwing a dart.. If you are comfortable and hitting your target with a high percentage.... Who are we to tell you how to throw... What works for me, won't work for you or others.   A throw is a personal thing.

We all don't need a long release.

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The only time this is a problem is if you have a habit of snatching darts. In fact, a short back swing is probably more accurate. Less moving so not as much time for things to go wrong.

I wouldn’t change if it isn’t causing you issues.

If it has become a problem that does cause you issues then you just have to set aside some time to purely focus on this portion of your throw. Ignore where the dart goes and just spend 30 mins every day just throwing darts whilst making the conscious effort to slow your pull back down and lengthen it. It will soon become normal for you.

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