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New to Darts and DartsNutz
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the Nuts -Darts R Us, in a sense. Darts on the wall (sadly, for me, some wound up there in flight-lol), darts in boxes, darts to the left darts to the right (did I mention I’m directionally challenged?)…in short, if it’s about darts, it’s on the forum. Enjoy the forum and being a Nutz.
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Hello and welcome.
Usual set up :- 23 gram, darts clearance (no name scalloped darts) with a 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts + standard flights.

Trying out, red dragon 24g hell fire b with kite flights + 41 mm nylon stems (flying well, debating on sticking with these).

Various random, other darts, on my rotation, from 18 to 26 grams.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a room will soon be dedicated to darts and warehousing your collection. Enjoy!
Welcome to the forum and may the darts be with you
Thanks guys, I'll probably slow down some. just had to get enough sets to find what I like since there is no dart store locally that will let you try things out. So far I have:
Harrows Black Arrow 22g
Harrows Noble 24g
Harrows Wolfram Infinity 24g
Shot! Totem 3 24g
Viper Raven 25g
Viper Blitz 26g
Cuesol 95% Tungsten 26g

My favorites are the Harrows Noble followed closely by the Shot! Totem 3. I really like the looks of the Wolfram infinity, but I do not throw it as well as the others.
I think part of the fun is trying out new darts in different shapes, grips and weights. So many variables you can easily get lost looking for the perfect dart. Enjoy the search but concentrate on technique. That is what will make you better.

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