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A weak throw
Hello everyone, I am very new to darts and this forum and am looking forward to sharing advice with you all, but have run into a problem with my throw very early on and was wondering if anybody may be able to offer some help. I have recently bought a dartboard and some 22g darts and I am having extreme difficulty throwing them, my darts are landing no where near their expected target and are often falling way too low. I think the problem might be that I am not a very strong person and my throw is quite weak with little power behind it. Would changing my equipment help and should I invest in some heavier darts? Thank you in advance and I look forward to having more darts discussions in the future.  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
22 gram are slightly on the lighter side. I prefer a little heavier but that is very much to each their own. Just have to try some different weights out. Sounds like you don't have control of the dart during the throw. I try to think about throwing through the dart if that makes sense and following through to where it feels like I'm reaching my middle finger for the spot on the board I'm throwing at. That tends to give the dart a bit of pop towards the board and keeps it more or less on line. Just control it until your release point and let her go. Should start getting grooved in naturally with a few hours on the board.

Of course sometimes I don't do that stuff and then I stink Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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If you try and throw a scrumpled up piece of paper into the rubbish bin from 7ft away it would probably take more effort than attempting the same with a ping pong ball sized pebble. Maybe?

Don’t hurt to try a heavier dart. There’s plenty of cheap options out there.

Try The Red Dragon site and search for flightmasters or amberjacks.

Good luck and enjoy.
What kind of points are on your darts? If those shiny chrome looking ones, they are notorious for not sticking well and at the very least just take some sandpaper and scuff the points to see if that helps. You can also change out the points to the basic black ones that stick a lot better than the shiny chrome ones, but they too can use some scuffing from time to time.

Heavier darts may help.

You didn't give any mention of yourself as far as age, weight, physical condition, whether a physically weak person overall or just have one of those weak throws that don't generate much momentum.

I once played against a guy who looked like he could move mountains as he was pretty physically imposing, but he had one of those light, delicate throws that saw at least 10% of his darts falling out the board. He finally got the message and started tossing with more "oomph" and that corrected his problem of darts coming out the board.

ETA: If you could post a video of your throwing motion, it would help to see if there's any glaringly obvious, or even subtle things you're doing that can account for your issues.
As your just starting your not gonna hit your target all the time, you can try heavier or stick with what you are using, takes a while to get your throw & mechanics down
If you held out your hand and I made my throwing motion, ending in a "high five", it would not be very hard. A healthy slap, if that makes sense. Take something that weighs 22 grams and throw it at the board using a dart motion. Don't land it on the board, but throw it "through". My guess is you are plenty strong enough, you just aren't used to the motion and throwing darts.
I believe if you have 22g darts you'll get used to them with some practice. My mother was like that too. She barely even hit the board but after a few weeks she was getting very close to the center of the board, which at her age was quite an accomplishment having never thrown a dart at nearly 90 yr young.
Try to use the mental side of darts first. Think throw hard enough to hit the wall "through the board" and see how you get on with that.

Next thing I'd try is heavier darts for sure.
A 25/26g dart may be helpful, but hang on to the 22g, you will want them around later on.  I had the same issue when I started.  One of the things I would do that really helped, is when I started a session, I would put my non-throwing hand under my elbow for just a few throws (3-9 darts).  Since keeping the elbow from droping is desirable, I just wanted to stabelize it for a few throws to see what it felt like.  Try it out, if your darts go to the board better, then you have an idea of what to work on.
My 2c

Film your throw from side on and take a look at your follow through. I found when I did this that I was stopping 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to full extension. Increasing my follow through by focusing on this mechanic primarily improved my consistency and also made my throw stronger.

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How low is way too low?

Use smaller flights and stems.

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