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Pause between turns
I always take breaks while practicing. I tend to do 15 - 30 minutes of game then take a short break. I use it to drink some water, stretch my arms or just close my eyes and relax for a few minutes. I have to say it helps me with my game. 

When I was training with no breaks I noticed than at the end of the practice my results were much worse than at the start. Anyone else experienced anything like this?
I've experienced simlar when practicing on my own .When i've got company I don't seem to "go off" anywhere near as much. Could be the competitive aspect but i thing its more timing between throws. During competition , when trying to finish, if i walk up to the ocche very quickly then I repeat the same miss as the previous shot .I now wait two breaths before i step up and attempt the double and it seems to work . I think timing and rythm are so important and its much the same in training as in competitive games .Sorry, long winded way of saying I agree !
I don’t like doing it, but it definitely changes my game when I pause. I like just throwing and retrieving when I practice but it doesn’t mimic the reality of playing against someone.
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