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Look alike/replace dart
My all time favorite darts are the Target Carrera c18's. Although I could buy another set in my preferred 23g the price is just too high for me purchasing the same dart. I am having a tough time trying to find a dart with similar dimensions and the same shape. Can anyone throw a suggestion out there?Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
A few that pop in my mind are.

Mission Chiron
Mckicks premium black
Target Daryl Fitton Gen 2
Red Dragon Krypton
Superdarts Silent attacker
DPC Optimum

Mainly as I use this shape darts myself, along with a shape similar to Nathan Aspinall.

A low price option (but a bit longer) may be the Darts Corner Squadron M3 variant:
Mission Nightfall M4
Target ALX 01 are also very similar shape, lovely darts too!

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Looks similar to the target Daryl Fitton Darts
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All great suggestions! I own the pdc optimum and liked using them for a while but feel they got beat up quickly due to the thinner ruined design. I like the carreras because they're semi smooth and took a long time to wear down. I think the mckicks might be the best fit for me, the daryl fitton are also a great option. Ive always liked black darts but the color wears very fast.

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