Playing online (steeltip) with an tablet?
Hey there, a few years ago I tried to play WDA with a webcam and a laptop. It worked ok, but in my new situation I don't have a Laptop anymore.

Is there a place to play online where you can use your Phone or Tablet as a webcam and on the same screen have the scores? I want to use my Ipad Air on a stand. 

I play Dart Counter at the moment, but I really like to see the other ones dartboard without the need for a laptop and webcam.

Do you have suggestions?
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Yes, DartConnect works all on one device.
I use a tablet for nakka, score and camera all on the tablet. Have a stand thats bullseye high, that the tablet sits on recording the board. It works really well because I can see my opponents throw from my oche
I use dartcounter on my tablet then use my mobile phone and video call the person I'm playing, I got the phone camera on the board and talk to the player same time.

Granted its me mate so got his number lol, probably not ideal for playing random folk but I'm sure there are apps for video calls without giving out a mobile number?

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