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Login issue
(12-22-2020, 07:41 PM)O C Wrote: edited my bookmark to add HTTPS:// seems to have done the trick for me

I edited one bookmark too... I've got another 32 ones...lol.
We've been on https since 2018. But browser standards are constantly changing, and we have to adapt.

Our host does the http to https redirect. Might have a look at how they're doing it.  But making changes there has some risk.

We did the www.dartsnutz.net to www.dartsnutz.net/forum/ redirect last year - when we decommissioned the shop.  If you click the second (protocol-less) direct link - the new session won't be logged in.  It will also show as non-secure.  Because the redirect which converts the DNS reference hasn't run.  Just hit the Forum Home button and you're good to go.  The first one goes through the redirect, so is fine.

Short answer, update bookmarks to https://www.dartsnutz.net.  Yes, others will work too, but that works always.
I've got two webs, the FREE one runs on http, the other one was easier to switch with the help of plugins in wordpress.

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