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The Drawback
Hi everyone.
Just a quick thing. I've been using these troubled and unusual times to try and improve my darts, mainly by focusing on little parts of my throw at a time....
However for some reason I keep having trouble with deciding where I draw the dart back to before I shoot the dart.
I stand nearly side on and have my shoulder towards the board, on the draw back naturally draw back to the shoulder, even hitting it sometimes but not as much as use to....
 is this a good idea? Or should I try drawing the dart back somewhere else, it's a battle between natural and trying to keep the dart in my line of site, I've tried the side of my cheek but again doesn't feel natural, and sometimes to the side of my jaw. Any tips or advice is great.
I've got the darts beginning to end book where George says not to think about it and it just a part of how someone does it... so if that the case maybe I should try not thinking about it!?!
George's words are wise.  Harder to do then say, but true nonetheless.
Not thinking about something that’s clearly frustrating you is much harder than a lot would have you believe.

If I had to tier parts of throwing a dart then the drawback would be the second most important behind getting your vision understood. Once you understand your vision then you will understand what line you need to draw the dart back along. This way, you can tell (and therefore better control) when you pull the dart back off line or on line to the target. Pull it back straight to your vision centre and you will very quickly learn the throw straight and you should see consistency improve.

The term vision centre comes from the Pool and Snooker scene. They have lots of posts on how to find your vision centre so I will edit my post with some links when I get a little more time.

You will always get exceptions to the rule, Mensur being one of them that’s reached the highest level...but generally the best in the world all tend to keep the dart within the width of the eyes as the draw back. This is because your vision centre has to be somewhere between both eyes.

Lots of people naturally find the vision centre without knowing it, and you may be one of them. Concentrate on starting the dart in line with the target then really concentrate on pulling the dart back slowly and keeping it in line with the target (D11 or D6 are great to practice this) and pull it all the way back until the flight touches something...usually your face. This gives you a feeling as a reference point to where you should pull back to.

For example, my self...I am left eye dominant, but my vision centre is just inside my right eye near the tear duct. I set the flight (and point but my hand blocks the view of the point) aimed at the D11 and rather than think to pull back straight I know in order to pull back dead straight I need to pull back to my right tear duct.

Hopefully the long and rambling post makes sense. If not I can try my best to elaborate. 


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