Harrows Darts.

dart query
anyone seem these before

they are brass ,just did it black and white to highlight the pattern

all the best


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Looks to be one of the Unicorn Cavalier models. Check out the 1979 Unicorn Book of Darts on page 11. http://www.unicornsmartboard.com/media/w...201979.pdf

Darts: Custom Made Darts 20g
Backup Darts: Unicorn T90 20g from mid 80’S
Shafts: Supergrip Carbon medium
Flights: Harrows Marathon Shape

2019 180’s - 21
2020 180’s - 13
The Highest Checkout: 154
Best 501 Leg: 14 Darts
I have a similar dart (fifth from the left in this pic: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-fzW42FRE110/X...G_3787.JPG )

And I have always wondered about its origin. I do not think it to be a Cavalier because none of the ones in the above linked-to catalog have the same shape.

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