Practice Routine 45 mins-1h / day
Hello. I am new here. I am Alex from Romania. I play darts for like 2 years. My average is somewhere at 50+ till 60. I want to know if anyone has any practice drill for 45 mins- 1 hour/day max. I have to mention that 180 is no mind thing as i hit some in my life. I just wanted to know if anyone would be kind enough to offer me a routine (all round) - scoring-finishing-consistency and real-match situations to practice. Pardon my English. Cheers.  Moddarts
Hi Alex. Your English is perfect (as my Czech eyes see it).

Speaking of the routines, I'd suggest going round the doubles for warming up and then a few legs of 501, which is the main thing anyway. I also practice the checkout situations, where I aim at finishing certain scores (from 24, 32, 40, going up by 8 points up to 96).

Just browse this section of the Nutz forum and I believe you'll find here some interesting ideas for your practice.
I am not very good but I have fun. If you browse you will find lots of good games to incorporate into your practice routine. The same is true on You Tube. I usually start by throwing 9 darts at the 20 double or even above that. The idea isn’t to hit the double but to make sure I am completely extending my arm on each throw. That seems easier to do on the top of the board. I follow that up with around the world or bobs 27, some variant of a doubles game. There are lots of them.  Saw one on You Tube I think is called Dutch doubles. You try to close out all the even doubles that break down evenly. For example 40. If you hit double 20 you move to the next double. If you hit a single 20 you have 2 darts for double 10. If you hit a 10 you have 1 dart for double 5 and so on. Finally, I have 3 sets of darts set up differently so I usually play 501 with each set up competing against each other.  It works for me. I hope that helps. Good luck!

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