Winmau board
Does anybody know anything about this board?

[Image: apW4BEc.jpg]
Years manufactured? Anything?
I would guess it was a board from the 90s. It looks like there may be a few less staples from the much older boards, but I am probably wrong.
Whilst old, looks in good nick.

What are you hoping to find out? I don't mean to sound blunt but are you looking at value or sentiment?
What confuses me - the staples appear filed down - outside of the bull.  Whatever's been done, seems fresher than the rest of the spider too.  Don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this, but no dartboard expert. Wink 

I exploded the image to better illustrate what I mean:

[Image: CRuird3.png]
That's what got me and made me make an unqualified opinion that it was a later board with some consideration for staples.
Never seen staples like that before.
Thanks for the replies guys. I just wanna know how old it is or is it a rare one. If it is rare then I better taki it inside ?. Friend of mine who knows something about dart board didn’t know anything about this board. I paid 15€ for it. I’m willing to sell it if there is a collector who despererately wants it.
[Image: BbatEQR.jpg]I don’t think the staples have been filed or anything.
Sorry I don't know the age of the board or anything, but if you are looking to sell it on here then you need 50 posts to use the BSS room - although not sure what the take up would be on an old board anyway to be honest, especially when you factor in the postage costs
I’m not actively trying to sell the board. I’m just curious about it.

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