Tangent Darts customs review
Hey fellow Nutz! Today I’ll be reviewing Tangent Darts, a custom darts manufacturer, as well as the darts they’ve produced for me. This is the first time I’m reviewing a manufacturer, so bear with me. It’s going to be quite long. Let’s dive in!

What is it?

Tangent Darts is a U.S. based manufacturer of custom darts and is run by Charlie Sears. They offer custom darts, a design service and their own range of darts. Just a few days ago, at the time of writing this review, they also started offering 3D dart samples. More on all of this later in the review.

Website: https://www.tangentdarts.com/
E-mail: sales@tangentdarts.com


One of the first things I critically look at is a company’s online presence. A professional looking and written website is very important to me and while it not always going to be the deciding factor, first impressions matter.

Tangent Darts’ website is designed very well and is modern looking. It’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for and the site works great on all my devices be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s immediately clear that a good amount of time was invested in the website.

On the site, you’ll find information regarding their custom darts manufacturing process, clear pricing and information on their primary offerings, a gallery of customs they’ve already produced and a clear contact form to reach out and explain what you have in mind for your own set of custom darts.
Small improvements can be made in the way the various grip options are displayed, but otherwise, I have no complaints.

I’d rate Tangent Darts’ website a 9/10.


This section is meant as general information. My thoughts on the value and a final rating can be found further into the review.

The price for a set of custom darts starts at 120 USD/102 Euro/91 GBP. This is for a set of darts in 90% tungsten and includes a CAD design and 3D model with unlimited revisions. The prices for higher tungsten densities are:

• 95% for 125 USD / 106,25 Euro / 95,50 GBP
• 97% for 140 USD / 119 Euro / 107 GBP
• 99.95% for 155 USD / 131,75 Euro / 118 GBP

A 4th barrel is available and costs 25 USD regardless of material.

There are multiple grip options, most at no additional cost. You can get your barrels, engraved for 10 USD. Various types of points are also available.

They offer expedited processing, allowing you to get your darts shipped as fast as within a day after the final design is done. The cost varies, but the fastest option costs 50 USD.

Lastly, you can purchase a 3D sample of your darts. This service was introduced at the time of writing this review and costs 15 USD, while also discounting your actual custom darts by 5 USD if you choose to get them manufactured. The idea is that you’ll have a sample of the barrel before you proceed with the final production of your darts, which sounds great in theory. I haven’t made use of this option personally, so I can’t comment further, however.

Design and manufacturing process

To get the ball rolling, I used the contact form on the website. The form is well thought out and allows you to fill in the ideal weight, diameter and length of your custom dart, as well as allowing you to describe the shape and grip.

What followed was a back and forth between Charlie and me, bouncing around ideas and eventually locking in the first design. Charlie always responded to all my e-mails very quickly and came with helpful suggestions and thoughts of his own

As mentioned above, the price of a set of customs includes revisions to the 3D design until it’s perfect, which is great. This allowed me to get a visual of major changes in the design multiple times, which is invaluable to someone like me who has multiple ideas and wasn’t quite sure of the final design just yet. Good stuff!

[Image: ZT6TT7Q.png]

[Image: uPUlzmF.png]

With the design locked in, I received the final version of the 3D design, as well as a technical design that shows off the balance point of the dart.

The whole design process is fast and very pleasant. Charlie is clearly passionate about his craft and him being actively involved in the design process is great and really makes you feel that you’ll get the most out of your custom set. I’ve jumped around on dimensions and grip types multiple times and he was always helpful and extremely quick with design revisions.

Is there room for improvement? Yes, but it’s a small nitpick. The designs are very clear, but personally I would’ve loved getting them in even higher resolution. To be fair, I did not ask Charlie for a higher resolution version and based on our communications, I have no doubt he would gladly accommodate if I did ask. That being said, high resolution versions of at least the final design would be something I personally would love to see as a standard.

After the final designs are in and approved, it’s time to move to manufacturing. Lead times can vary, but you’ll be informed of this well before you’ve finalized the design. 

Normally, during the manufacturing process, as a customer all you have to do is wait and hope the darts roll out as intended. Charlie goes a step further here, however. During various phases of the manufacturing process I received pictures of the barrels, allowing me to see if they come out as planned and move on, or make slight changes if needed. This allowed me to make some final refinements to the front grip and engraving. This type of communication is great and really made me feel confident about the end result.

I’d rate the design and manufacturing process a near perfect 9.5/10.

The darts

We’ve come to the most important part of the review: the actual darts! I’ll break this up into two sections. The first is how the darts are compared to the design. Did they come out as intended in terms of grip, dimensions and weight?

The second section is for those who are interested if the darts suit me, as I’ll go into a bit more depth there.

From design to reality

It took a few days and design revisions, but the final specifications/dimensions for my custom set that I settled on are:

• Barrel length: 50.00mm
• Barrel width: 6.4mm
• Weight: 21g
• Tungsten: 95%
• Balance: center
• Rear and middle grip: rings
• Front grip: helical grooves and engraving

All of the above resulted in this finalized design:

[Image: LXz65aH.png]

[Image: xnsogVg.png]

[Image: diicODb.png]

And the darts themselves:

[Image: k8PemHu.jpg]

[Image: bsnA8ec.jpg]

[Image: y2SixPG.jpg]

I’m very happy to report that the dimensions, weight and grip are spot on. The darts are 6.4mm, as intended. The weight matching was extremely close to perfection:

• Barrel 1: 21.03
• Barrel 2: 21.04
• Barrel 3: 21.03

Just 0.01g off on one barrel.

[Image: 93KaFLU.jpg]

[Image: vX1Laad.jpg]

The ring grip at rear is subtle. Probably a 4 or 5/10. It’s grippy enough that it doesn’t slip, but not so grippy that it sticks to your fingers upon releasing. I’ve always liked complex grips, mostly because they look cool. It’s why I love my Mikuru Suzuki G2 so much! Still, I must admit that a classic ring/double ring grip works best for me though. 


When designing a set of custom darts, you’re always thinking about what will work best for you. However, upon arrival, it may happen that they just do not feel or fly the way you had hoped. This is usually one of my main fears and the reason I am changing my mind often in the design phase. So, how does this set actually work for me?

In one word: amazing. This shape of this barrel was based on the Shot Viking Drakkar. A straight grip section and a fairly long taper into the point. I’ve found that this shape works great with the way I grip my dart.

After taking the initial pictures for this review, I started with my standard set up: an intermediate nylon shaft (unbranded) and Mission Matte standard flights. I warmed up for about 15 minutes, during which I threw two 180’s and multiple 140’s and 125’s. I then set up a short match, first to 3 legs, against the Dartbot in the DartCounter app. I’ve been fairly consistent at averaging between 70 to 75, so I set up the bot at the same average. Even though it was a short match, it was the best I’ve played yet! I then played another game, first to 5, and did well again. Time will tell If this will hold up, but like I said earlier, initial impressions matter a lot and help bolster confidence!

I’d rate the darts a 9.5/10.

[Image: lb2UqzU.jpg]

[Image: MZPyeWE.jpg]

[Image: YftePPI.jpg]

[Image: zNVUxdH.jpg]


At first glance, the price for a set of customs seems to be on the high side. However, once you factor in that the designs and multiple premium grip types are included in that price, it’s very much on par with other custom darts manufacturers. This only changes when you opt for either 97% or 99.95% tungsten, which can increase the cost quite a bit. I think these are quite niche though.

The most important part of the value equation is how the quality of the final product is. As you’ve seen above, I’d say the quality of my set is immaculate. The dimensions and balance point are exactly as designed during the design process, and the engraving and machining is expertly done.

Even though I did not try this service personally, I also wanted to highlight the 3D dart sample. If it’s as good as it sounds in theory, this could be a huge value add. For 15 dollars, you can get a feel for your barrel without committing to the larger purchase just yet, allowing you to confirm the dart has the same dimensions and overall grip as your design and feels good in the hand, while making changes if needed. It’s a very forward thinking offering that could potentially help really nail down your dart and avoid disappointment.

Lastly, the fact that Charlie is as involved as he is and really takes time to perfect the designs and come up with his own suggestions and ideas is also an incredible value add, of course. It’s not a one-sided process.

I’d rate the value a 9/10.


Tangent Darts and Charlie Sears are amazing to work with. This review has been extremely positive and for good reason, they’re just that good!
Everything from the website to the design process is well thought out and the manufactured darts are well within the tight tolerances they adhere to and match the design perfectly. They offer tons of various services, from expedited production to various intricate grip types and are very forward thinking with the various services they offer.

There’s always room for improvements though! I would like to see higher resolution designs, at least for the final design. It gives me the opportunity to get a good look at every aspect of the dart. There’s also a small change to be made to the website when it comes to the way the grip section is designed.
Besides those small nitpicks, it’s pretty much perfect.

To wrap it all up: Tangent Darts and Charlie are an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything from the design process to the manufactured darts is of very, very high quality. My set came out perfectly and I’m throwing great averages with them as well. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tangent Darts to anyone looking for a set of customs and I give them a final rating of 9.5/10.
The Joker

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Nice review.

Well done.

They are a lovely, fine looking set of darts, FairPlay.
Nice job! Smile
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Great to hear you had a great experience designing, choosing, ordering and throwing your customs.
Sounds like a very professional company taking the time to give you exactly what you hoped for.
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(08-31-2020, 05:33 PM)Spangle Wrote: Nice review.

Well done.

They are a lovely, fine looking set of darts, FairPlay.

Thanks!  Big Grin

(08-31-2020, 06:55 PM)Getagrip Wrote: Nice job! Smile

Thanks Darren, appreciate it!  Smile

(08-31-2020, 09:01 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: Great to hear you had a great experience designing, choosing, ordering and throwing your customs.
Sounds like a very professional company taking the time to give you exactly what you hoped for.

Thanks Chris! They are indeed very professional.
The Joker

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Nice review and your darts look fantastic. If I was a little more consistent and a whole lot wiser about design and how it would affect my throw I would give them a shot. Maybe a Christmas present to myself next year.
Great review and love the final product!
Fantastic review and the final product looks great!

Thanks Smile
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(09-01-2020, 03:47 AM)Robert Burns Wrote: Nice review and your darts look fantastic. If I was a little more consistent and a whole lot wiser about design and how it would affect my throw I would give them a shot. Maybe a Christmas present to myself next year.

I tried well over 200 regular sets of darts before I
finally landed on this design and I'm glad it worked out. Consistency is mostly a matter of just practicing a lot! 

(09-01-2020, 12:39 PM)can't count 501 Wrote: Great review and love the final product!

Glad you enjoyed it! It really is a lovely dart. Big Grin

(09-01-2020, 04:01 PM)jt4527 Wrote: Fantastic review and the final product looks great!

Thanks Smile

Thanks, I'm very happy with the set! Cool
The Joker

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Great review, and a great looking dart.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
(09-02-2020, 06:09 PM)Borisbbadd Wrote: Great review, and a great looking dart.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the review!  Smile
The Joker

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