Yes - another upgrade!
Wednesday, Aug 12, starting around 1159 BST.  Should be done by 0100 BST.  Times in Eastern - 1900 - 2000.

You guys know the drill by now - will have to close the forum while upgrades are in progress.  No reboots though - lol.

Yeeeoowwww it sounds great. Good luck with this one.
Reminder - kicking this off in just over an hour...
Work completed, forum is open. Smile
That seemed pretty painless ... at least from this side.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
(08-13-2020, 12:37 AM)Borisbbadd Wrote: That seemed pretty painless ... at least from this side.

When things go according to plan - system changes are usually relatively painless.  I'm pretty conservative in my time estimates, because I know what can go wrong. Rolleyes

Still worth a heads-up for members, in case the plan goes out the window.  Which has happened the odd time - lol.

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