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Darts suddenly feel too heavy
Hi guys. My first post here so thanks to admin for accepting me. Basically as the title says my darts have suddenly started to feel too heavy. I've always used a heavy dart anyway around 25-26g. My match darts over the last couple of years have been Taylor Target Gen 2 in 26. However I've made an effort to lose some body weight over the last month or so and having not practised barely at all in that time I picked my darts up the other day and suddenly found that they felt far too heavy. I've lost about a stone in weight so was just curious if anyone here had had this happen to them? Apologies if this subject has been covered before but basically my question is if anyone has had this happen to them did you switch to a lighter dart or did you practice your way through it until the dart felt right again? Many thanks for reading.

*Edit* just realised I've put this in the wrong section it should be in the advice chat. Apologies is there any way an admin can move it to the correct place?
Welcome Mark.  Think it's OK in general for now.  We see questions about dart weight all the time - but none for that reason I can recall.  We'll see how it goes and make adjustments as needed.

As nixer says, I too have seen these kind of questions from time to time.
I’ve never lost or gained any kind of negligible weight so I haven’t got any personal experience of this kind, although, I use heavy heavy darts, usually between 26 and 32g and sometimes I feel they’re too heavy but I think that’s more down to sometimes being tired, lack of sleep or a busy work schedule and I just play through it.

Well done on losing the weight, by the way.
Dart weight is mostly irrelevant because it's relative and subjective.

If you start playing with 32g darts for a while, they will feel 'normal' to you. If you then shift down to 19g and play with them for a while, they will also feel 'normal' to you after a while.

How light or heavy the darts feel depend upon what you're used to, changes in your muscle tone(eg from weight lifting), mood etc.

Keep up with the weight loss and well done so far!
Hi amigo

Any weight loss will affect muscle mass, memory and biomechanics.

Look what happened when Taylor dropped all that weight when he signed for Targer or when Fordham lost all that weight.

You will re-adjust however it will take time
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I think the darts feeling heavier is due to you having not practiced, not your weight loss.
Most players tend to go lighter over time anyway, pretty normal, I’ve always thrown a 23g dart and now I’m thinking about going to a 21g Ricky Evans
Any reason to buy new darts is good one, that's how us nutz roll.  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. I started out with Unicorn Taylor Phase 5 which at the time only came in 26g, now I play 21g-23g.  But as already stated it's all relative, so just have fun with it and stay with the healthy.
All depends on lots of things..... what dart weight you used to mainly throwing and any significant adjustments up and down will obviously notice as will any weight loss or gain and as mentioned bio mechanics,muscle memory and strength and general well being which also effects mental well being and as said many times most of game of darts is played in the head!!..... just think it requires a bit of patience and practice to get used to the new normal and maybe a bit of fiddling with flight size and stem length but just don’t give up we all know what darts is like nd can drive you mad but we love it
Serious darters should workout the arm strength to have an edge over the regular fat beer drinkers. Forearm and triceps is important!
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Half a hour on the board also a good workout ... best of both worlds.

Good luck and welcome.

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