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Help needed

I'm a relative beginner and am really struggling with my throw at the minute. I feel like I use too much shoulder and drag my arm across my body but not really sure how to fix. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind of hard to tell from that angle-----being shot from below and in front. Perhaps shot from an angle from the side and higher up to see the mechanics of your throw from the side.

I do notice your hands final position after release is definitely not consistent. Sometimes it looks like your fingers point straight ahead or slightly to the left and other times they flare out to the right and your hand is more open. If you are spraying the board left to right, that could account for some of it.

ETA: Also try throwing with a short sleeved shirt if you make another video so we can see what your arm is actually doing. That loose fitting long sleeve shirt doesn't show much about how your arm is working under all that cloth.
yes you move your shoulder from the outside to the center of your body and your elbow follows your shoulder inwards.
That's a unnecessary movement.
Try to stand more side-wards, maybe that's all what is needed.

If not move/push your shoulder forward to the board before you throw the dart.
Throw some darts as normal, than stop all motion after you have thrown and push your shoulder again a bit forward.
Concentrate on the feeling/tension in your shoulder and use this position as the start of your next throw.

Furthermore you could try to reduce your pullback.
At the moment you pull back the dart really far back beside your head until it almost touches your shoulder and this is also the moment when your shoulder and elbow start to move.
Watch Wayne Maddie videos on you tube. Especially the elbow one in your case as you seem to move it when you throw. His videos helped me quite a bit
Thanks all for your help. Not got around to practising yet but I'll definitely be trying these things.


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