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Another way to post photos
I've found that by creating a PowerPoint presentation, copying in my photo, and then saving the presentation as a .jpg (JPEG), the resulting JPEG is small enough to post.
Not everyone has Powerpoint on their pc's or phones - I only have it as I got the license dirt cheap via my company - but I've used it a similar way in order to create PDF docs as well.

I take pictures on my ipad and send them to my home pc. What I tend to do with these is open them up in MSPaint and reduce the size by 50% or whatever and that also reduces the size to a manageable level for the forum. Mind you I normally upload them to imgur and use their links lol.
Instead of Powerpoint, there's a free alternative called LibreOffice that contains a Powerpoint equivalent called Impress. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux.

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