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Muscle pain
With daily practice now for a couple of years I guess I've started to have some health issues related to my throwing, First it was my foot, the one I lean on when I throw, giving me some grief with some pain in the top of it. But I've tried to wear my shoes more often when practicing at home and it seems to help. 

I've had some issues in my non-throwing arm that I thought may have been related to that being the arm that I'm constantly reaching up and pulling the darts out of the board with. I've gone to physio and such but its still bothering me. 

Over the summer we were on the move and I missed consecutive days practicing for the first time in a while, and since then it seems my throwing arm, notably the bicep has begun to get sore. When I practice now, after 5-10 minutes it begins to get sore in the bicep area. If I continue, it gets to the point that I can hardly lift the arm to throw. There is a Bobby George video on youtube where he suggests that you should wait in between throws when practicing, simulating a real game. I dont have this pain when I'm playing a real opponent, only when practicing and throwing over and over with no break. What I've begun doing lately is warming up a bit maybe while supper is cooking, until I feel the discomfort. Then go back later once its subsided, and its usually good. But it can be tough to even get through a best of 13 match against the CPU. 

I picked up some IcyHot the other day so I'll keep using that as needed and see how it goes, but I may need to see the doctor. Do any of you have any inflammations and such related to your playing, and what do you do about them?
Aches and pains I could go on and on about them but relating to darting I'm pretty much ok, knock on a wood table.
My bicep was giving me some issues and stretching out seemed to help at the time.
Also my back was bugging me and not sure if dart related but sometimes have to stretch that as well.
Taking a positive check and stretching out seems to really help as I'm sure your PT will advise you.
Good luck hope you get pain free soon.
the most obvious thing i've picked up here Codo is it only hurts against the computer not when your playing someone
try some short breaks in between legs/sets the pro's do it afterall
stick with the physio
this is probably obvious but when your throwing your arm is up
how does the arm feel during day to day general use
let us know how you get on
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I've read that taking a hot shower before a solid session makes a difference, and I know ice packs can help after play as well.
DO you throw with much force ?

Unfortunate! Irritating! Unpleasant ! Wish there was some immediate cure for ahces and pains and headaches.

Dart related. I haven’t hit the bicep pain yet....except after over working it at regular work job , then throwing , I can barely keep the darts above the bull.

DO you get and pinch feeling or cramp?

I think doing light stretches before , maybe 1lb weight curls up very slowly. Then uncurl VERY slowly . Guiding it down with other hand,.... and curl back up ,  do this 2-3 times a day , 10 reps.....then move to 2lb ....

ALso google bicep stretches on youtube.   You would be what 3-4 weeks of physio can.

Good luck. I’m sure you have invested a lot of time and energy info of your passions.
Take the time off for a week or s doing small light stretches. But don’t play . Let it strengthen

It could be your throwing style if you have a heavy forced throw + practicing alone. 13 match’s ? Avg 200 Darts, warm up throws included .

I’m sore after 100@X

Good luck !

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