WDF 2020 developments
(01-17-2020, 03:14 PM)mc1958 Wrote: For the World Championship I would say keep the same venue each year to give it an identity similar to what the BDO had with the Lakeside or the PDC have with Ally Pally.  Also it would give some sort of continuity as far as tv coverage is concerned.

Also my thinking, identity and tradition being the key elements.
Given the NDB have clearly thrown their hat fully in with the WDF by rejecting BDO points, I think it's nailed on the new WDF World Championship will be held in the Netherlands. Hotel Zuiderduin would be a perfect place to start - the Dutch would properly support it as well.
2020 Targets
180s: 34 (last updated 13/08/20)
Highest Checkout: 154 (03/04/20 - T20, T18, D20)
Least darts used in 501: 14 (10/01/20, 24/01/20)
(01-17-2020, 02:08 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Just seen this on facebook.

England Statement concerning WDF.

Hi All,

Today the WDF announces a new ranking system for the 2020 season. We were advised at the World Darts Federation conference in Romania during the World Cup (October 2019) that they had been obtaining opinions and information to create put in place a fit for purpose, new and improved system, with the countries being consulted before the announcement in January 2020.

In essence, the new system will be split into three groups Gold, Silver and Bronze events, the Bronze events will receive 45 points to the winner in the new systems ranking table, and the Silver events will receive 90 points along with an invitation into the new WDF World Masters for the winner and runner-up. The Gold event's winner will receive 180 points, however, the winner will get a direct entry into the WDF World Championships Grand Finals, with the runner-up and two semi-finalists qualifying for the WDF World Masters. The points are also pro-rata in each section down the events.

There will 10 regional tables each with two direct qualifiers into the WDF World Championships one of which will be the UK regional table.

As the only recognised representatives from the sport of darts in England within the World Darts Federation, and the changing landscape of darts, we are commissioned by you the members to protect the interests of our company, The England Darts Organisation Ltd.

England Darts has no control in whatever is going on with other darting organisations or their perceived problems, and as such, we have to identify what is in the best interests of the company moving forward, along with protecting its members, events and corporate partners, to successfully move forward.

We were faced with a situation in mid-December, where we had to make a decision on whether to expand our involvement in the World Darts Federation or just remain in the BDO system. This increased involvement within the World Darts Federation comes at a considerable financial cost; nevertheless, it will give our players a guarantee of a minimum of two Major TV events in 2020, it will also encourage our darting fraternity to support England events, the lifeblood of our company.

We have received a letter today from the BDO saying everything is in hand for the forthcoming season, and it is not for us to dispute any of the contents of the letter, however, the reality over the last few months hardly filled us with confidence, and the decision we had to make as I have already stated was 31st December. This stark reality of the situation was, we either applied to the WDF to include our events, and secure some sort of continuity of support for our events, and assure the players there is something at the end of the rainbow, or we didn’t in the hope that the BDO can deliver a meaningful system for 2020. In the worst-case scenario if the BDO was to fail then all our events would be unranked, and as such both us as organisers, and speaking with our sponsors and partners, not a situation we could gamble on taking. We are already contracted up and until 30th September 2020 that our events are BDO ranked, so including the WDF system is the safety net we felt was appropriate.

The good news is that the England Open in June will be sanctioned as a “Gold” Ranked event, with the winner of both the Men's and Ladies Titles getting a direct entry into the WDF World Championships Grand Finals in December (actual date to be confirmed). The England Master, National Singles and Classic will all be Silver ranked with qualification into the WDF World Masters. We will be looking to expand all our major events into Gold, including the Isle of Man, but time has been against us delivering this, as budgets have already been agreed for our events for 2020.

I must assure all our members that the decisions we have taken are not political, we hope the BDO is able to weather the storm and fulfill its obligations to a full Invitation table and the TV events they currently run and are able to be successful during 2020, the decisions we made are purely in the best interests of our company England.

Yours Faithfully
Tommy Thompson

What is he actually saying?
Mack The Knife
Still no firm news on the WDF Masters and WC events yet, but sounds like Little Richard and his team are finalising things before giving full details in a couple of weeks. Also amongst other things England Darts have gained WDF ranking for another couple of the Isle of Man events that take place next week.

WDF latest newsletter is here:


And the EDO announcement on facebook is as follows:



Following intensive discussions over the last 48 hours the E.D.O. are pleased to announce that the Pokerstars Open at this years Festival - Men's and ladies - has been granted and will therefore now carry W.D.F ranking points.

This will be in addition to the Darts Corner Masters (Friday 13th March) which was already carrying WDF points.

As a consequence of this decision, both events will have 'Silver status' classification which see's not just the winners but also the finalists of all four competitions qualifying for the W.D.F Masters held later in the year.

As E.D.O Chairman Tommy Thompson explains it wasn't a decision taken lightly though.

"Everyone knows that the I.O.M Festival has always carried BDO points, and obviously still does, but with so much uncertainty dominating our side of darts at the moment, no-one really knows what the next few months and years will have in store for us all.

The Darts Corner Masters already held W.D.F points and if we had had the luxury of time, the Pokerstars Open would have perhaps ordinarily already followed suit, but we didn't.

Having W.D.F points does come with a price though, and unlike other events scheduled later in the year which can budget for this cost, with such short notice it was a price we hadn't considered and therefore couldn't previously afford.

However, that has now changed, and at no extra cost to the players or the organisation, that cost has now been covered and I am delighted, even at this late stage, that we can now offer our players this extra incentive.

We accept the late announcement is not ideal, but as the possibility was only confirmed yesterday following talks Howard Miller held with the government it left us with no choice.

I would also like to point out, before people start adding 1+1 and making three, that in no way does this decision mean our long standing support and relationship to and with the B.D.O has finished or is even diminished - it hasn't and it isn't!

Like so many supporters, we want to see them to be as strong as ever and if that happens our support and allegiance will continue, and why shouldn't it?

However without any confirmation of their plans, and unfortunately with the well recorded problems, as a National body we primarily have a duty and responsibility to our members, players and all partners, including the I.O.M government, to consider all eventualities, and with the cost of having points now settled, extending our relationship with the W.D.F in this manner was an easy decision for us to take.

We are also very mindful of the recent events at West Fries which was another huge blow, not least financially to many players and hopefully in a very small way this will give many a chance to claim some more points that they will clearly now miss out"

Because of this announcement and to give any player who for numerous reasons was perhaps not intending to attend but who now may consider doing so, the deadline to enter for all singles events has now been extended 48 hours until Midnight on Monday 9th March.

As for what this means for the future of the Festival, who can tell.

Invitations have been sent out to both WDF and BDO officials to 'informally' meet up with promoter Howard Miller and government representatives during this years festival to discuss and hopefully agree the best way forward for the iconic tournament, probably the longest running event of its kind in the world. One has already agreed to do so and we are just waiting hopefully for confirmation from the other.
I checked the Men's rankings on the WDF site - Nick Kenny is number 1. As the PDC contract states that tourcard holders are not allowed to play on a stream (unless prior permission is received) then it's unlikely he'll play any more events this year.

So the current WDF World Number 1 by default - Ross Montgomery. I know he's been playing well so far, but that surprised me a little.

I'm a little excited by what the WDF are trying to do - I just hope they get the t's crossed and i's dotted soon and an announcement made in good time.
2020 Targets
180s: 34 (last updated 13/08/20)
Highest Checkout: 154 (03/04/20 - T20, T18, D20)
Least darts used in 501: 14 (10/01/20, 24/01/20)
Just seen Luxembourg have decided to scratch the BDO points from their Open and Masters in July given what has happened with the BDO over the last few months. They were Cat B's for the men and Cat C's for the ladies - they will now be WDF Silver cats.

Hopefully the WDF can announce their Masters type event and also their World Championship soon so that the players know what they are actually playing for.

As much as I would love the BDO to turn things around, I actually think for the amateur side of the game around the world it would be better for the WDF to run the World Championships as we may get a more World focused event as opposed to the UK and Netherlands focused BDO Worlds.
As far as Nick is concerned, he was the number 1 at the end of last year, so obviously whatever points he is defending during the year will come off and he will drop down the list, same as the other tour card holders like Kleermaker and Ashton in the ladies - their BDO points will start to drop off and the will fall down the BDO rankings as well.
Latest from the WDF today:

WDF Statement – August 2020

On behalf of the World Darts Federation, we hope that players, officials and supporters are staying safe and keeping well during this time.

We began 2020 full of optimism and by making our intentions clear. Our aim was to revamp the world ranking system and to implement the running of two major global competitions LINK.

The season launched with 47 nations committed to host a total of 132 ranking tournaments in 2020 (an increase of 50 events from 2019). A positive start to the year included the iconic Dutch Open and Scottish Open extravaganzas, ranking events in Australia, Canada, USA and Iceland, plus big weekends in Romania, Slovakia and the Isle of Man.

With only 20 tournaments played this season, the Covid-19 pandemic put the world of darts on hold. As is the case for so many sporting federations worldwide, cancellations and postponements of WDF events have been made and continue to be announced.

The WDF Executive made the decision with the full support of the respective host nations to cancel all WDF Cups for 2020. Plans for the Europe Cup Youth (Hungary) move to 2021 LINK, whereas the senior Americas Cup (Jamaica), Asia Pacific Cup (Chinese Taipei) and Europe Cup (Spain) move to 2022 LINK.

We continue to liaise with our organisers regarding the status of forthcoming ranking events that still hope to run in 2020. Any changes to a WDF ranked tournament status will be made available on our website / WDF Calendar and via our social media platforms at the earliest opportunity.

Despite our best efforts and intentions, unfortunately there will be no WDF World Masters at the end of the 2020 season. Without national championships, ranking events and qualifiers being played since March, to assemble 600+ players from 60+ countries would be extremely difficult.

With finance, travel restrictions and most importantly health to consider in the months ahead, the decision has been made to postpone the launch of what will be an exciting and innovative WDF World Masters until 2021.

Discussions with our commercial partners are ongoing with regards to the WDF World Championships. With changes to government guidelines, these are challenging times indeed. Every effort is being made to secure and launch this event at the earliest opportunity.

Our ranking system traditionally runs on a 12 month rolling basis, but we can reassure the players that any points accumulated (and places awarded into majors) in 2020 will be protected and carried forward, counting towards the first WDF World Masters and WDF World Championships.

I can personally assure you that the hard work and development continues towards a positive future for the WDF. The patience and support of it’s member nations and their players is key to creating opportunities for men, women and youth players around the world, from grass roots to the professional game. Together, we will succeed.

Richard Ashdown
WDF Chief Development Officer

No real shock - personally I'll be surprised if any WDF ranked events get played for the rest of the year, especially if there's a second wave of COVID. It wouldn't surprise me if the PDC events for the rest of the year are all played behind closed doors as well to be honest.
Latest from Richard Ashdown and the WDF re the ranking criteria for 2021:


The way things are going it wouldn't surprise me if the first couple of months of 2021 are written off as well as far as darts comps are concerned unless player numbers are limited and events are played in a bubble like the PDC events
Not totally sold on the ranking points, they go up by the same amount for each round, I prefer the difference to increase each round as it better reflects the greater importance of later rounds. I am not of the mind the first round is the hardest, more people have won the first game than the latest on. At least they don't do what PDC and BDO ranking have done and have less points for later rounds.
Mack The Knife

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