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Change of stance
It's humbling to read this and its a credit to you Fox that you are not giving up and battling through, and it can be done. Look at home many different throws and stances are among the pro's. I would say the adjustment will happen quicker than you may imagine.
I think that is the beauty with darts, there is no "right way".
It is YOUR way and how you want it to work, and it is a game that can be played at any age. I am only approaching the ripe old age of 34 myself, but darts is one game were older guys have a legitimate chance at beating me. It is a mental war. And it puts people against each other, no matter what age they are, and no matter what conditions they have, that would rule them out of any other sport.
Darts must be one of the most accessible sports in the world > this thread proves that!
Well done again, Fox.

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