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The Gentle Giant's Darts
I have been watching the finals matches from the Players Championship series.  The 5th one features Price vs Clemens, and Clemens is a German fellow with a nickname of "The Gentle Giant".  I really like the looks of that guy's darts!  Does anyone know what they are or where I can see a close up pic of them?  My guess is they are from Evolution, but I didn't see them on their site.
They are on there for EUR130 - I think his nickname is Gaga though, at least that's what the Evo people call him

I saw those but they look different from what he was throwing. What he was using didn't have any copper colored bits in the middle, and they seemed not just smoother, but more tapered.
Here is a close up of what he was using.  And forgive me, I misread his shirt.  It says "German Giant" not "Gentle Giant".

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