Joe Baltadonis
He was an American darts legend from the 70's and 80's.  I am looking for a picture of his signature darts.  Anyone have one?  From Silberzahn's book I garnered:
  • Signature Dart: 21 and 24 gram "Diamond Back" from sponsor Fansteel,  Brass (it was a mistake not to go straight to tungsten). Later, the signature dart was the "Snake" tungsten. (page 59.3)
Anyone with a pic or more informations please post!!

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Know this is an old thread, but might have figured out what his signature darts looked like. Had to look in George’s book, How to Master the Sport of Darts, to find the reference you mentioned.

Joe called it the “snake”. He said he should have gone right to tungsten, instead of brass. Didn’t think people would put out $75-100 for tungsten, but would buy brass darts for $25-30. He found out after he switched that people would pay that kind of money after he switched to my “snake” tungsten darts, but was kinda too late. 

Laserdarts still make a dart called the Diamondback, a reference to the type of snake, which the grip was designed after. 

Here’s the link to the darts

The weights listed are 21, 23, and 25g, and mentions they are used by Denis Ovens. 

After doing some research on Fansteel I read this post and it’s helped me identify a previously unknown set I had pickup up a few years ago. Pretty sure these are the Diamond back darts Joe mentioned in tungsten and are 24g. The weight matching is incredible! 23.97, 23.98, & 23.99 that’s a .02g difference from heaviest to lightest. 

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