Post of the Month (April 2019)
Hi Folks,

Here is a selection of posts from our Facebook. The post with the most reach is at the bottom, it's not a set of darts, but a good reminder to pack your darts properly when sending them in the post.

23g - 6.50mm Dia x 53.00mm Long

[Image: 52890285_2252915728294416_40641704766608...e=5D29E2B7]

25g - 6.40mm Dia x 54.40mm Long

[Image: 53292197_2256719474580708_91920290405658...e=5D318B89]

23.9g - 7.70mm Dia x 45.00mm Long

[Image: 58462298_2281952982057357_12292030142967...e=5D5C8FF3]

Steel & Soft: 20.5g - 6.50mm Dia x 53.00mm Long

[Image: 58460663_2286740081578647_19772321193441...e=5D317466]

Pimped Up Chizzy's

[Image: 56800746_2277797035806285_15190316379736...e=5D736B43]

Pack them properly or lose them.....

[Image: 58373076_2282418745344114_57893973398273...e=5D710FCF]
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[Image: custommade-700.png?v=1592246562]
Obviously not in a point protector and also a padded envelope - seen similar on facebook a few times now.

As for the darts, again all great work by yourself, but think my favourites are the soft & steel - I like the idea of having near enough identical darts for both soft tip and steel (weight grip and length) so it saves having to get used to a different set if switching disciplines.
Very nice again. Like the pumped up Chizzy’s... did you do the coating on those?

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