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Air hockey table question
Hi guys, so I always wanted an air hockey table and this year (actually last year XD) we in the family decided to get one, but I want to pick it. So I have been looking for a while now and I think I will go with the MD Sports air hockey table.https://www.bestairhockeytableguide.com/...key-table/

It looks great, it is huge so all 4 of us can play it (wife + 2 kids) and it looks pretty cool. What do I want to see if any of you have an air hockey table and do you have any recommendation about maintaining it? Do I have to clean it every day or once a week is ok? How about the cleaning products? Do I have to be careful with the cleaning or do you have some other tips you can share with me?
I had one years ago i just wiped it off once & a while with a dry cloth, if it's being use alot it should be good as the air should keep it fairly clean, i'm sure the manual that comes with it will say how to care for it

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