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2019/20 Fantasy PDC Darts?
Hey, bros. 

So, before I get into what exactly this thread is about, I just wanna take a quick second to apologise for abruptly stopping the World Championship blog posts like I did. I just didn't realise how much effort it would take to put those posts together, and before I knew it the tournament was on top of me and there just wasn't enough time in the day to get them up. Thank you for those who read, responded to and anticipated the series, and I can promise that there'll be an improved, much better prepared series ahead of the next rendition of the tournament. 

And speaking of the World Championship, I just wanna take a quick second to talk about what I witnessed over the last couple of weeks, because I thought it was completely and utterly brilliant. Chisnall vs Payne, Anderson vs Wattimena & Dobey and Cross were standout matches for me. And in terms of individual stand-outs, it was wonderful to see so much young British talent perform so well on the big stage. Humphries, Dobey, Payne & Aspinall should all be incredibly proud of themselves, and I was a little disappointed to not see one of them rewarded for their performances with a spot in the Premier League (which, by the way, looks more than a little lacklustre to me this year). 

In the end though, MvG just didn't look like losing at any stage of the tournament. Three tough opponents in Hopp, Anderson & Smith were all dispatched with relative ease, and I'm sure there'll be many more Worlds in his future. Congrats to Michael, and those who made the 2019 World Championship such a special tournament. 

And that brings me onto what exactly I'm considering doing on the forum over the coming PDC season, which is a fantasy football style game which is free to enter for anyone who would be interested. 

At the minute it's just a seed of an idea, and thus specifics are far from decided upon (and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in the comment section). 

However, these are some of the key points and/or rules that I think would make the most sense:
  • Each entrant chooses any combination of 5-7 PDC players
  • Players would be given a unique monetary value and entrants must stay within a specific budget when deciding on stables 
  • To add greater diversity, entrants much choose at least one pro competing on both the Challenge & Youth tours
  • Invitation-only tournaments will not count towards scoring 
  • However each entrant may pick one player from the Premier League separate from their rosters
  • TV Majors, Players Championships, Euro Tour, World Series events as well as Challenge & Youth results will count towards scoring only 
And scoring would be based upon:
  • 1 Point - Playing in a tournament 
  • 3 Points - Per win, up until the quarter-finals of any given tournament 

  • 4 Points - Winning a quarter-final
  • 5 Points - Winning a semi-final
  • 6 Points - Reaching a final
  • 4 Points - Bonus added to the 6 points for reaching a final which makes winning any tournament worth a total of 10 points 
  • 5 points - 9-dart leg
And just for clarification, TV majors that would count towards scoring are as follows:
  • World Championship
  • UK Open
  • World Matchplay 
  • World Grand Prix
  • Grand Slam
  • Players Championship Finals (Culmination of year-long competition on Pro Tour circuit, seems OK.)
  • European Championship (Same reasoning as above, only Euro Tour.)
  • Masters
  • Champions League (Seems a little difficult to qualify for given limited participant numbers. Maybe a miss.)
  • World Cup (Maybe? Teams depend on rankings, so see no reason to exclude.)
And there it is, the very basic outline of something that I think could be both fun and manageable. Of course, whether or not I go ahead and put this together is up to you guys and how much interest I get. And this is as I described, a very basic outline. Format, rules, nothing is set in stone yet, and if you are interested in participating then please give me feedback on what you think of the stuff I outlined in this post, especially the TV tournaments I have brackets next to as I'm in two minds as to whether or not to include them and feedback would be greatly appreciated, as well as things you personally would like to see added/removed. 

Hopefully I'll be talking to a few of you soon, and thank you very much for reading if you made it this far.
Quite similar to the contest we just concluded.  Except we used 13 picks from the 96 players eligible for the WC's.
I'd be interested but would probably prefer a shorter format with a different competition for each of the major tournaments rather than the whole season possibly? Maybe I'm just not Nutz enough though lol.
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(01-02-2019, 02:10 AM)nixer55 Wrote: Quite similar to the contest we just concluded.  Except we used 13 picks from the 96 players eligible for the WC's.

Well that's terribly awkward, there's already a fantasy darts competition set up? Is it running next season?
WC specific, so just concluded today.  Same general idea:
(01-02-2019, 02:32 AM)nixer55 Wrote: WC specific, so just concluded today.  Same general idea:

Well that's neat, and I actually kinda like the idea of having a little prize incentive. Is this something you'd be interested in getting involved with if it goes ahead?
I think the admins would have to weigh in on this, not my call.  I can tell you tracking something like this is no joke, depending on how it's setup and number of entries.
Its gonna take a lot of commitment to keep track of all the events but, I'm game if the admins are ok. I've always wanted to try these Fantasy sport things.

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These type of competitions have been started previously both on here and on other forums only to stop due to the original proposer giving up on the updates after realising the amount of work it all entailed.

As said above this will require admin approval before going ahead, so can you please contact one of the admin team - Getagrip, *Saber*, or REBEL - for their agreement first.
As Mike says we have had such Fantasy leagues in the past, its a lot of work to do so all I can say really is if your willing to do it and people want to take part than that is fine by me.

Its ok if you want to run it just for fun but its not something that we will be doing as a prize comp.
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Yeah, I guess not having a prize makes sense. But I'd definitely be able to run it as a little fun, I've done similar things in the past and I really think I'll enjoy it adapting it to the PDC.

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