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Who has changed weight drastically. Dart weight that is.
Used to throw 14.6g Copper/Zinc alloy darts - Recently (2017!) tried a raft of weights.

25g is my upper limit - My throw is too Hard / Efficient / Fast - so I drill the point into the board too much.
And a choice of change my throw or change my dart is no choice at all!.

For me, heavy darts feel easy/comfy to throw - right up until I spot how deeply they are penetrating the board.
Lighter darts feel like I need to focus and concentrate a bit more... if I get distracted then lighter arrows tend to splash all over the board - maybe I just notice it more with a lighter dart - maybe it is those fat flights I put on a heavy dart that makes them feel more forgiving to throw.
Ryk is currently using:-

Arrows - 16g Harrows Girls Lolita (Reflex Conversion C type):: Stems Edgeglow Purple Short :: Flights Rie Hoshino Marathon :: - Winmau Blade 6

I started with a 26g dart but I now throw 22g.  It wasn't an overnight thing though but a rather slow process over a period of about two years.  I was always told that it was better to start with a heavier dart then drop weight as your strength, throw and accuracy developed and that's exactly what I did.  I've tried darts as light as 19g but found them a bit too light and hard to control.  Not too long ago, however, I tried a set of 21g Adrian Lewis G2s.  The were a little short for me (I prefer a dart 52mm+) but I really liked how the weight felt.  That's got me thinking, I once threw a 23g set of Anderson WC P3s for awhile, I may have to give them another go in 21g just for jollies!!
- Red

Current Favorite:
Unicorn James Wade Phase 1 (20g)---Short Nylon/Poly Shafts---Marathon/No.6 Shape Flights  

Winmau Blade 5

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