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Dart tip penetrating board depth -pro matches
WHen watching professional matches,   Majority of these players darts are on penetrating 1/5 of the length of tip.......
I’m watching MVG now and Michael O’Connor,(great player imo to watch with a basic style. When in game mode he’s in the ZOne) But I am pretty sure it’s same with most 

Is it the new boards ? That keep them penetrating fully 

The throwers style ? / force of throw?

Is it there dart tips are barbed / sandpaper’d


My darts enter fully - 2/3 when I’m confident, when warming up I am a bit lighter when working on general  grouping and gettin* kinks worked out.

I find when I’m warmed up, and can lob the dart grouped into 120s-140, they are Just’s poking in

It must the new boards, the 20 b,s,t.d is like shooting into wool.

Response if you got something helpefulL to share.


Look forward to y’alls answers,

I have a new video of my style , configured to appease my former commenters suggestions on my last vid. Feel free to follow up when uploaded.
Ah that would be the Unicorn board, it simply put is junk and looks absolutely buggered after a couple of rounds.
Looks like they chop away at some lumber with a an axe.

Or cork with a dart., however, they’re darts would essentially sink deeper , On a different manufactures line of board

I recall we couldn't see your board in the throw vids.  The board does make a major difference, as does the force of the throw.  Most pros also use grooved or 'gripper' points, to cut down on bounce / fall outs.  But such points also tend to tear your board up when you pull the darts. 

When we talk boards, we usually describe them as some degree of soft to firm.  A softer board will 'catch' a lots of darts, because of the penetration, but will also wear faster.  Firmer boards last longer, but aren't as forgiving if the dart deflects or is not cleanly released.  IMO of course  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

Opinions vary, but I would class the Unicorn HD2 boards used in the PDC as a medium firm board. Have a read through the dartboard discussion and reviews and you'll see evaluations on various brands.  But again, it's all relative to your throw.

I would say if your barrel is well clear of the board, you're probably OK.  But rotate regularly allowing it to heal.

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